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Laguardia Photo Session by: Cesar Macay

July 30, 2009

James Macay – TTS Photo: Cesar Macay

Cesar Macay sent some photos from his recent session at Laguardia High School in uptown Manhattan, NY. Skaters include Malik Ashby, Brian Scott aka Cozmik and Cesar’s little brother James. Unfortunately the session ended quickly due to the massive amount of rain but Cesar was able to snap a few really well shot photos. “…the session with Cozmik at the laguardia ledges was a regular session. I haven’t seen him in months or maybe a year. We didn’t get to skate much that day but I took some shots and then it started pouring out of nowhere. I got pics of the crazy rain where we were stuck by the school check it” – Cesar Macay. Check Cesar’s photo below after the jump.