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Killin’ It Trailer

February 8, 2010

“After a year of filming, falling, taking photos, breaking shit, swagging, and killing in Philadelphia, New York, New Jersey, Boston, Woodward, Atlanta, California, and Arizona, I present you a bladeflick featuring full profiles on: David Sizemore, Cody Porche, Jon Jon Bolino, Andrew Nemiroski, and Steve Iacono. Co-Starring: Sam Moore, Tim Kelly, Tommy Leong, Rickayyy, Dean Coward, Mike Koliner, and Quintin Lamb. Available starting at Bittercold Showdown, first 100 copies come with a limited edition 56 page book” – Andrew Nemiroski.

Killin’ It Promo Trailer

October 22, 2009

Killin’ It is an East Coast video based out of New Jersey by Andrew Nemo. The trailer features some quick glimpses of some of the tricks and spots in the video incluing New York City spots of course. The video will feature Steve Iacono, Cody Porche, David Sizemore, Chris Smith, Sam Moore, Coopnasty, John Bolino, Andrew Nemo and many more. “I’ve been filming for this video since the beginning of summer and it’ll be done for Bittercold Showdown. It’ll come with a 40 page documentary booklet. I’m still filming for this jaunce, and I’m going out to Cali for winter break to film some more. So far Alf, Cody Porche, and I have sections. Enjoy!” – Nemo.