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The Second Annual NYC Street Invitational

September 24, 2012

Providing full coverage from the very beginning of the first heat of the first round, to the very end of the finals. I Roll NY presents, the second annual NYC Street Invitational.

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SHOCK Interview with Jero on the NYC Scene

November 28, 2009

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Kevin Yee of SHOCK interviewed one of our city’s newest additions Jeremy “Jero” Stephenson on our skating scene. The interview mainly covers our summer Lets Roll NY sessions and discusses how NYC has gained back it’s rightful title of being the best skate scene in the US. The interview also features a handful of the group photos from our LRNY sessions held in the Summer. Read the interview at the SHOCK site.

Queens, NY Edit Featuring Kevin Yee and Tommy Boy By: Sean Grossman

August 28, 2009

Our friends over at SHOCK out in San Fran. made a trip to NYC earlier in the year and Long Island’s Sean Grossman caught some great footage of Kevin Yee and Tommy Boy skating the Flushing, Queens area. Along with the San Fran boys, Alex Nunez, Trevor Johnson, Neil Diskin, Brian Pina, and Sean Grossman catch a few great lines at the famous Globe spot along with a few other Queens area spots. Peep game.

SHOCK Spots: Brooklyn Banks

July 18, 2009

Kevin Yee – Wall tap video still

The guys over at the popular west coast website, stabyourselfintheface, made a trip to New York City and sessioned the world famous Brooklyn Banks. Check out their post to see a West Coaster’s point of view of the famous skate spot. “This spot is a downhill shoot into brick laden and piss stained blade heaven. To make things even better, this spot is now fully legal to skate which has lead to an infiltration of ramps, rails, and other obstacles to add to enhance the spot. Tommy and I have both been watching this spot in videos for our whole lives, wanting to skate it, and so being there finally was bliss” – Wolfman. For more pics from the SHOCK trip check out the post here.