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Psyko COW: Alejandro Brooklyn Section

September 12, 2010

Check out the edit of Psyko team rider Alejandro Velez during his stay in NYC. “Alejandro Velez spent a week here in Brooklyn skating some spots check him out as well skating with his new pair of Psyko jeans” – Josh Diaz.

Psyko & Remz Big Rotten Apple Tour Pics + Edit

September 9, 2010

“Straight from my weekend in Seattle I got on a plane headed for New york and the worlds best street battle: The “Last Man Standing”. My plan was simple, I would hook up with the Psyko Clothing guys for daily sessions and some online updates while Mason Richards and myself would shred and shoot with the Remz flow guys in NY to get some clips for this Remz edit. Although not officially flow Jesus Medina is a street ninja and reps Remz hard, Dave Lang is an all around professional who’s got the energy and stamina of a sixteen year old, and Sean Agoliati was ripping till he broke his elbow. In addition to meeting these gnarly dudes New york is a nonstop fun-house town where there is always something to do and see, something to skate, and somewhere to party. I thank all the Remz guys who worked three days straight for this edit, Josh from Psyko, and Victor for a true street battle. I will most certainly be going back next year” – Nick Wood. See the Psyko and Remz photos from their Big Rotten Apple tour below.

Josh Diaz ONE Photo Journal #5

April 22, 2010

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Josh Diaz of Psyko Clothing publishes his fifth photo journal on ONE Magazine’s website featuring Dave Ngo at the Redhook ledge in Brooklyn, NY. “Well, it was our first day of spring here in New York, and after fabulous weather during the week, me, Jose Disla, Jon Ortiz, Dave, and a few other New York rollers came out to roll at the Red Hook ledge, which by far is one of the best ledges Brooklyn has to offer. After the guys had been tearing it up for about an hour, I decided to take off my blades and set up my gear. It’d been a few months since I’d shot any photos, and for this I was using the oldest of the old — a Nikon d1 that my wife got for me. Just know that this thing was old… about 10 years old. It was the most difficult thing to get used to. But I made it work out. This is the shot that I love the most from the spot, and I hope you all enjoy it. I should be getting my camera back from the shop soon, so thank god, and my wife. I will be out in Santee in the middle of May, so I’ll see you guys on the West Coast soon” – Josh Diaz.


Psyko Clothing C.O.W. 2

April 19, 2010

Psyko Clothing releases their second clip of the week featuring new team rider Dave Lang. Check out this week’s cow with some recent footage of Lang and some footage from last years Last Man Standing competition. Filmed by Cesar Macay and Jordan Baez.

Psyko Clothing Puerto Rico Tour

February 16, 2010

Psyko Clothing wrapped up their Puerto Rico tour recently and posted this edit showcasing the sick tricks and adventures that went down. Featuring skating from Damien Wilson, Franky Morales, Miguel Ramos, Alejandro Velez and new team rider Casey McFarland.

Psyko Clothing BCSD Spring/Summer Look Book 2010

February 12, 2010

Check the latest from Brooklyn, NY’s Psyko Clothing. The Spring/Summer 2010 line will be premiering at this month’s Bitter Cold Show Down. Josh Diaz has teamed up with Jeremy Beightol of Kaspa fame for the latest line. See the Psyko online look book at the Psyko Blog.

Psyko Clothing Spring/Summer 2010 Sneak Peak

January 28, 2010

Psyko Clothing has posted a sneak peak of two new designs for their new Spring/Summer 2010 line. “The Hunted” by Jeremy Beightol and “We Eat Your Young” by Josh Diaz. Psyko Clothing is also currently touring with team riders Damien Wilson, Franky Morales, Miguel Ramos, Alejandro Velez and friends. More on the tour as the updates come.

Josh Diaz Photo Journal #4

December 31, 2009

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Brooklyn, NY’s Josh Diaz, owner of Psyko Clothing, took a spontaneous flight out to Puerto Rico one day and captured some great photos documenting his stay resulting in ONE Magazine’s newest photo journal entry. “I had to be at the airport by 10 pm that night, so after a few hours I called a friend to see if he wanted to get few blade shots in, and this is the shot I felt most fit this random trip to PR. Here you have it, a switch Sweatstance on a ledge in Fajardo” – Josh Diaz. See more photos and read all of Josh’s photo journal on the ONE website.


November 14, 2009

Click to view the ONE Photo Journal

Brooklyn’s own Josh Diaz has been featured for his third time in the ONE Magazine Photo Journal. New York has been represented well so far in their photo journal and Josh keeps the trend going by featuring this HDR pic of Psyko team rider Miguel Ramos lacing an AO Top Acid on this relatively unknown Brooklyn spot. “I remembered going to this crazy-looking spot with some skaters from Long Island this summer, and told Miguel about it, so we head out. After two hours in Manhattan traffic we got there and got so upset because there were a whole bunch of trucks parked in front. After long negotiations with the drivers we got them to move the trucks, and they let us skate for a few shots” – Josh Diaz. Read the rest of the article at the ONE Photo Journal page.


Josh Diaz Summer ’09 Edit

November 12, 2009

Josh Diaz, Psyko Clothing’s owner, recently put up this short edit of himself skating in the Brooklyn, NY area. Footage is from earlier this year around the Williamsburg and Redhook area of Brooklyn. Check out the Psyko Clothing online shop to get all of the sick threads that Psyko provides. I talked to Josh earlier today and he has some great plans for next year’s line so stay tuned.