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J. Perez at the Valo NYC Premiere

December 29, 2010

“Hey everyone, Joseph Perez here to bring you a simple night out on the town at the Valo4Life premiere. As the day began Tim Franken, Crazy Pat Bernat and I embarked on a journey throughout the hood’s of Newark, NJ to the slums of the South Bronx, NY. When We finally arrived at the premiere it was such a sight to see, over 150 people at the first screening and more to come. Mr. Victor Callender also gave a speech regarding our Fitted DVD donation and Art of Rolling Magazine donation. It was a great time at the premiere, one to remember” – Joe Perez. Read the full article on Be-Mag.

Last Man Standing NYC 2010 AM Edit

August 22, 2010

“August 21st 2010 was a day in which I was damned to be in traffic. For a whole hour I was stuck in traffic on the GWB trying to get to the LMS to get this Official edit out. Now when I get there it is already half way through the Grom rounds and I begin to film the am’s and some that aren’t competing in the Am addition but in the Pro addition next week. People threw down before the Am event started, but when it did start, throwing down wasn’t even a question. People were lacing flawlessly from Sean Grossman to Tim Franken to Carlos Montenegro. Mid 2nd round a child runs in front of the rail and Rah (Host of the event) stands as a brick wall in order to save the child from being injured, at the same time Modesto jumps off the rail and smacks the brick wall with his back. (more…)

iMagyne Glide Cam Edit

March 29, 2010

Joseph Perez and some of the iMagyne team put together this edit of Joe’s new Glide Cam setup, similar to what Vinny Minton has been seen using lately for his recent edits. Check out the test edit of Tim Franken and others skating a box and a quick clip at Drop-In Skatepark.

I Roll NY Clip of the Week #13

March 10, 2010

Some say 13 is an unlucky number but in this case I think it’s safe to say that that’s not true. Last Saturday a huge session took place at Drop-In skatepark in honor of Tri-State Skate’s one year anniversary and Razors pro Brian Aragon visited and took part in the session. Though Aragon was still suffering from a groin injury from BCSD he was still lacing his usual stunts. Luckily, Joseph Perez of iMagyne That filmed a quick clip of Brian Aragon for this week’s Clip of the Week. Thanks Joe!

I Roll NY Clip of the Week #7

January 27, 2010

The Clip of the Week’s just keep getting better and better and are slowly turning into Edit’s of the Week. This week’s C.O.W is brought to you by Joseph Perez of Imagyne That featuring Remz flow rider Tim Franken skating New York and New Jersey skate spots. A big thank you goes out to Joseph Perez for submitting the C.O.W. and for creating the I Roll NY motion graphic at the end. “Well by now you should all know Tim and what he throws down at a spot. The spot can be either improv to tech; he’s got what you want to see. This is the I Roll NY Clip of the Week Featuring Tim Franken. Directed By Joseph Perez.” Make sure the check out for more updates on the Imagyne crew.

iMagyne That Extra Credit DVD Part 5

January 11, 2010

Part 5 of the iMagyne video has been released. This section is a montage featuring NYC and NJ talented skaters along with a few other East Coast skaters. “FreeRollers Section is dedicated to any or all rollers that have helped us film for our video thus far. This section includes Taylor Greene,Alex Nunez,John Green,Joaquin Flecher,Will Torres, Trevor Johnson and many more check this out” – Joseph Perez.

iMagyne Remix Edit

December 5, 2009

“iM Back. Whats up Joe Perez Here, Bringing you NYC and NJ Skating Together again. Its been a few months due to busyness but I decided to film for 3 days and got a entire edit together so I hope you enjoy. This Edit Features Lonnie Pearson, Pat Irwin, James Mandato,Trevor Johnson, Ryan Many, Ryan Smith and Terrance Huggins Jr. Enjoy Rollers and Remember to Roll With Your iMagynation” – Joseph Perez.

SMRSC Official Comp Edit By: iMAGYNE That

October 16, 2009

Joseph Perez and the iMAGYNE crew provide I Roll NY with the Battle at Brick City SMRSC 5 official edit featuring coverage from all the spots including the warm ups and spots along the way. “The Official Edit for the SMRSC Newark Competition Hosted by Mike SP and the New Jersey Blading Session Hosted By Stephen Lacatena. This Edit will feature Tim Franken,Andy Feliciano,Terrance Huggins Jr,Mike Collins,Mike Roman,Matt,Joey Zitelli,Trevor Johnson,Dan Brewer,Mikey Cancel,Anthony Soto,Crazy Pat and many more. Check this out guys. Winner of the SMRSC Trevor Johnson. Amazing” – Joseph Perez.

iMagyne That “Never Left Nowhere” Edit

September 30, 2009

Returning from the premiere of their first DVD, Extra Credit, The Imagyne crew hits I Roll NY with another teaser edit. It seems as if there was a bit of confusion going on and as response Joseph Perez responded with this cool edit. Sean Grossman’s opening lines are edited like the previous KFC videos which brings some nostalgia. The edit also includes team riders, Lonnie Peterson, Pat Irwin, and others. “For all of them strictly haters that felt some type of relief on friday when i posted me disbanding my team, what i really meant to say was i was disbanding my team on socom. so for all those who hit me up with negative in your face type stuff. go back to frowning because we never went nowhere. this will be my last edit with my panasonic dvx100b because ive found a better much more quality friendly camera that i would like to present my fellow fans with. cant we all just …. get along” – Joseph Perez. Get the full story at the Imagyne That site.

Imagyne That: Extra Credit Premiere This Saturday

September 16, 2009

“ Presents its first featured DVD Featuring Profiles on iMagyne Team Riders Lonnie Pearson,Pat Irwin and Tim Franken. This a milestone in iMagyne’s attempt to entertain and to bring forth solid skate videos without all of the eye candy. Our goal is to make you want to skate after this video so check it out this Saturday Sept. 19th 2009 at Tri-State Skateshop in Drop-in Skatepark. Also Check out the trailer hope you guys enjoy” – Joseph Perez.

Get all the info at the Imagyne That website and the flyer up top. Bring your skates and some cash to buy a DVD and session the park Saturday.