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SkepticMediaâ„¢ NowhereClose Trailer

October 2, 2009

Navin Hardyal and the Skeptic Media crew answer the call and shut up all you little internet kids. Remember to pick your jaw up from the ground after the trailer’s done. “Times are tough and skaters have enough to worry about when having to shell out money to replace skate parts, traveling to spots, buying food out on the road. SkepticMediaâ„¢ has decided to take one more financial burden off of the struggling modern day skater and announce our video to be released, online. We see no need in charging to share something we all know and love and cant get enough of. Expect the online video release in a month. A special thank you to all of our sponsors who were also major supporters for our “Fair is Fair Competition” last thanksgiving” – Skeptic Media.

Flatline Summer Heat Photos by: Angelo Ferrer

July 13, 2009

First place winner of the advanced round Jose Henriques

Dre Powell with a sample of the crowd.

Sam, Ramelle, MC Rah, Murda, Rob owner of Flatline, Rachard Johnson and Alex Nunez.

After handing out copies, cd’s and business cards for the Art of Rolling, Angelo Ferrer snapped a ton of pictures from Saturday’s competition in Allerton skatepark in the Bronx, NY. Besides capturing some of the amazing tricks that went down, Angelo also caught some really cool scenery and portrait shots of the crowd. Check out more pictures below and on Angelo’s Flickr page. More pics after the jump

Sneak Peak from Summer Heat

July 11, 2009

Today a lot of sick tricks, pro skaters, and new products were revealed at today’s Summer Heat competition in Allerton skatepark in the Bronx, NY. Dre Powell, Mike Johnson, Rachard Johnson along with all the NYC pros came to the Bronx to support Flatline’s efforts. Evan Grimball also premiered his own line of shirts, also seen above. Angelo Ferrer and his wife Layla handed out copies of the Art of Rolling issues 1-4 on CD and on paper as well as taking portraits of almost everyone with skates on their feet. As for I Roll NY we personally handed out stickers to all the attendees and had the new design on an american apparel v-neck shirt. They’ll be available soon. As for the competition Jose Henriques took first place in the Advanced division. A big congratulations to Jose along with PJ who took second place as well as Evan Grimball who took third. Alex Nunez took best trick with a negative acid down the Skeptic Media box. More coverage of the event will be coming soon. If you have any pictures or any edits from today check out our Submit your New page to get yourself featured!

Thanks to Malik.

Boogie Down Show Down Edit

March 9, 2009

Skeptic Media just released their online edit of the Boogie Down Show Down Invitational that went down at the Haven Arts Gallery in the Bronx, NY on February 21st, 2009. “The Boogie Down Showdown edit featuring Damian Michalski, Rafael Herrera, Jose Henriques, Ramelle Knight, Trevor Johnson, Hector Rodriguez, Mikey Cancel, Kevin Cintron and more of the tri state’s finest. PS. Pardon for the shaky camera work, it was really hectic.” – Skeptic Media. Check out the two pics below, provided by Ray Mendez, to get a behind the scenes look of the judges score card and Jon Ortiz lounging at the gallery. Thanks again to the Haven Arts for allowing us to skate.

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