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Disla Brothers Ledge Session

December 11, 2011

Featuring Robert Disla, Jose Disla, and Joseph Lee. Filmed by Harry Disla.

NYC OG’s at Woodward

August 31, 2011

Featuring Joe Dedentro, Jon Ortiz, Jose Disla and Alex Nuñez having fun at Woodward. Filmed and edited by Harry Disla.

Art of Rolling Collective Edit

November 1, 2010

Featuring Jose Henriquez, Joey Zitelli, Pat Bernat, Jose Disla, Adam Caroselli, Victor Callender, Carlos Montenegro, Sal Zaso, Jeff Scott, Frank D’Angelo, and Angelo Ferrer. Filmed and edited by Angelo Ferrer.

Five N Dime

July 18, 2010

Richard Corley created an edit featuring some early 90’s footage mixed in with some footage from the early 2000’s including clips from the Why So Serious? and Last Man Standing competitions. Featuring skating and appearances from Austin Paz, Adam Caroselli, Angelo Soto, Chad Caroselli, Chris Torge, Dave Ortega, Duke Luv, Franco Cammayo, Jude Copella, Herbert, Jose Disla, Jordan Paulsen, Mike Orange, Richard Corley, Riggler, Smoothy, Zeni and more.

New CCC Ledges in Queens, NY

April 3, 2010

Jose Disla – Fishbrain. Photo: Cesar Macay

While going through the I Roll NY facebook page I came across this great photo posted last night. According to NYC legend Jose Disla a new set of ledges have been built in the Corona/Flushing area of Queens, NY. The spot looks great and the floor looks extremely smooth. No exact info on where the ledge is at as of now but time will tell. For now check out the dope photo above of Jose lacing a fishbrain on the top ledge. Photo by Cesar Macay.

UPDATE: The ledge(s) are located on Roosevelt Ave & 99th St, Queens, NY 11368.

It’s All Good

January 19, 2010

It’s All Good is a feature length film created in 1998 focusing on inline skating. The film starts out as a documentary focusing on skating in general narrated by rollerblading pioneer and legend Chris Edwards and turns into a storyline between rival companies FR and Senate. The classic East Coast vs West, New York vs the world story line is showcased and New York City’s history is preserved and represented in this documentary. It’s All Good is over 90 minutes long featuring NYC legends and FR team riders Dave Ortega, Ryan Jacklone, Gil Vasquez, Nene Tejada, Ozzie Tejada, Robert Disla, Harry Disla, Jose Disla, and FR creator Nick Hartman. “You haven’t seen street until you’ve seen Dave and his crew. The part of that other world. That one percent that uses the streets of New York as they were meant to be used” – Chris Edwards.

Art of Rolling Issue 5 Released! A History of Rollerblading in NYC! Special Art of Rolling X I Roll NY Discount Sale!

September 4, 2009

Click to view the Art of Rolling magazine

OK, this post has a lot of information that everybody needs to know about so make sure to click on the “Read the rest of the entry” link below. This is truly an exciting time for New York. Our LRNY sessions are getting major online attention, The biggest skate competition in New York is one day away, and now Angelo Ferrer and Layla Quinones drop the Art of Rolling issue 5! The issue can be summed up in one word: Perfect. Bursting with content, Issue 5 is filled with amazing pictures, coverage, and interviews from everyone in New York to even outside New Yorker’s like Chris Haffey. “This issue is a special old school/new school issue featuring old school pros Joe Dedentro, Kelly “Buttaz” Matthews, Jose Disla, Rawlinson Rivera, Ron Hunter, and new school pros Franco Cammayo, Chris Haffey, also featuring exclusive coverage of the Lets Roll sessions in NYC, and the Allerton Summer Heat competition in the Bronx. Don’t miss this issue because it’s one of the best ones out there! View the issue online here” – Angelo Ferrer. The issue has also been released in a flash format, that does not require a download, making it a very easy and enjoyable read. Issue 5 also provides a literal history of the NYC rolling scene which Angelo explains after the jump. This is a definite must read.