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NYC Invitational 2013 Official Results

September 22, 2013

First and foremost we’d like to let everyone know that Fabio Enes is doing alright after his injury during yesterday’s competition. He fractured his skull and we wish him a speedy recovery. Due to police shutting down the competition before it was officially over, winners had to be chosen solely by the judges and were announced during the after party. See the results below.

Third Place: Montre Livingston and Diego Guilloud
Second Place: Alex Broskow
First Place: John Bolino

The Second Annual NYC Street Invitational

September 24, 2012

Providing full coverage from the very beginning of the first heat of the first round, to the very end of the finals. I Roll NY presents, the second annual NYC Street Invitational.

Youtube / Mobile version after the jump. (more…)

Second Annunal NYC Street Invite Results

September 22, 2012

First Place: John Bolino
Second Place: Erik Bailey
Third Place: Nick Lomax
Fourth Place: Tim Franken
Fifth Place: CJ Wellsmore

The Truth 2 Full Video Online

August 16, 2011

“The Truth is a skating video series founded by The Kelso Brothers and Austin Paz. The first Truth DVD was the video of 2007, and now 2 years later we introduce to you the second edition. The Truth 2 is supported and sponsored by Create Originals ( To be released December 2009.” See the full video in 12 parts below officially uploaded by Austin Paz. (more…)

Support the 20 Project 11 Minute Edit

August 14, 2011

Featuring NYC’s Billy O’Neill, Chris Farmer, John Bolino, Brian Freeman, Sean Kelso, Jeff Stockwell, Alex Broskow and more.

Vibralux “Charging” Night Trailer

January 26, 2011

First trailer from the Vibralux tour video, Charging, featuring Michael Collins, Sean Kelso, Don Bambrick, Michael Garlinghouse, Billy O’Neill, Brian Freeman, John Bolino, Chris Farmer, and Alex Broskow.

Signature Montage

December 3, 2010

“Signature DVD released in Feb 2010. This montage features John Bolino, Dan Breuer, Crazy Pat Bernat and more. Watch how close Pat came to hitting his head with a low overhang in this section. Thanks to John Bolino and Alf for introducing me to The Cramps” – Jason Staine.

The Truth 2 Interview

May 4, 2010

Check the interview Be-Mag did recently with the Truth 2 crew. Get all the behind the scenes information, details, and thoughts from the cast and crew on the NYC and east coast scene. See the full interview below. You can also see Be-Mag’s Truth 2 coverage here.

I suppose it could be a number of things. The industry seems to be leaning towards skater-run establishments these days. Also, more people can appreciate The Truth since we’re not connected with any company; this DVD is not a team video. We also had an all-star cast with this one. Who wouldn’t want to see a fresh section from Montre and Broskow, or a come-back Fish section?

Signature DVD Official Trailer #2

April 15, 2010

“The Signature DVD is out in shops everywhere. Pick up your copy and get hyped up to roll today. Features the best from the Beast Coast… Alex Nunez, Jeff Dalnas, Mark Wojda, Tim Franken, John Bolino, Franco Cammayo, Billy O’niell, Dan Breuer, Ryan Many, “Crazy” Pat Bernat and many many more. – Jason Staine.

Signature Premiere Today!

February 21, 2010

The day is finally here. NYC will be having an official theatrical premiere of the most talked about video in recent weeks, Signature. After tonight’s premiere there will be an after party featuring a skate photo gallery that is welcome to all ages. Please remember to show up on time. Late arrivals may not get a chance to see the video as the theater has only been reserved from 7:00PM – 8:00PM. The premiere takes place at the Anthology Film Archive. The after party will take place at the CSV Cultural and Educational Center. Walking directions from the Anthology Film Archive to the CSV Center here via google maps. Hope to see you all there!