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Central Florida Rolling at Drop-In Skatepark

August 1, 2011

“…we made our way over the NJ border into NY to Drop In Skatepark. On the way we stopped off at Tim’s moms to grab Eric a pair of frames because Eric broke his frames for the first time ever in Philly the night before trying some ridiculous shit. At Drop In we met up Joey Zitelli, Sam DeAngelis, skated with Tri State Skate shop owner Greg Kieffer and some other locals. We put together this edit from the night. Looking forward to NYC the next three days!” – Frankie Terranova.

NYC/NJ Summer Edit 2011 Part 2

July 15, 2011

“My second edit for summer of 2011. Footage from Harrimon NY, NJ Blading: Long Branch park session, Jersey City, Hackensack, My practice rail, Weehawkin and Tri-State Skate’s Compo Beach BBQ/Session. Featuring skating from Crazy Pat, Franco Cammayo, Sam DeAngelis, Matt Defrance, Lonnie Gallegos, Trent Olans, Joey Zitelli and myself” – Chris Kolodziej. See the first Summer edit here.

NYC/NJ Summer Edit 2011

June 14, 2011

Featuring Chris Kolodziej, Sam DeAngelis, Jesus Medina, Joey Zitelli, Lonnie Pearson, Trent Olans, Sean Agoliati, Mike Hazard and more skating NYC and NJ. “Random clips me and various skaters/friends gathered on my camera over the past three weeks from random skate sessions as well as ACF:NYC and NJ Blading Sessions: WoodBridge. Featuring skaters from allover NY/NJ” – Chris Kolodziej.

Art of Rolling Collective Edit

November 1, 2010

Featuring Jose Henriquez, Joey Zitelli, Pat Bernat, Jose Disla, Adam Caroselli, Victor Callender, Carlos Montenegro, Sal Zaso, Jeff Scott, Frank D’Angelo, and Angelo Ferrer. Filmed and edited by Angelo Ferrer.

A Thru Z Full Video Online

September 28, 2010

A Thru Z, Jason Staine’s first video, has been uploaded in it’s entirety online. A Thru Z features NYC, Philly, and Boston footage with profiles on Anthony Chen, Tim Franken, and Joey Zitelli. “My first full length skate video. filmed from 2005 til 2008. Released in summer 2008” – Jason Staine.

Monday Night Skate Drop-In Edit

April 24, 2010

“This footage was from about two maybe three weeks ago from a Tri-State Skate Monday Night Skate session their was only TWO Skateboarders at this session. It was a very mellow session but all and some pretty decent tricks went down. The usual suspect are all here, Crazy Pat Barnet, Joey Zitelli, Sam DeAngelis, Jim Koenig, Chris Kolodziej, Ryan Many and much more….Music By Aesop Rock” – Mike SP.

New Twenty Six Letters Tees

January 18, 2010

Joey Zitelli has released new tees for his clothing line Twenty Six Letters. All of the shirts are designed and printed by Joey himself. The new tees feature the clothing line’s name in joey’s hand style, a screen printed eagle design and script font. Check out all the tees on Joey Zitelli’s Facebook. Joey also sent in a design for I Roll NY. See more submitted designs on the I Roll NY Facebook page. Thanks Joey!

iMagyne That Extra Credit DVD Part 3

January 9, 2010

Check out the latest release from iMagyne from their DVD Extra Credit. “Now This is our Team Section at the Time. This includes Lonnie Pearson, Ryan Many, Tim Franken, Sean Grossman, Shawn Gradilone, John Greene, Terrance Huggins Jr, Julian Flanders, John Webb, Ryan Smith, Joey Zitelli, and Pat irwin. Check This one out” – Joseph Perez.

Street Mechanics’ 10 Tri-State Skaters to look out for in 2010

December 19, 2009

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Mike SP of Street Mechanics Apparel posted his ten choices of skaters who have made an impact this year and who the world should look out for in the coming year. All skaters are from the tri-state area including four skaters from the New York area. Check the article here to see Mike’s 10 choices and why they were chosen. “With 2009 rapidly coming to a close, I decided to do something that hasn’t been done in a while…..Predictions for the coming year in rollerblading. I have been to alot of great comps this year, not to mention hosting a pretty sweet one myself. Sessions were going off everywhere especially in NY and NJ. Alot of pictures were taken, a ton of edits were made and a ton of talent was shown…..But who honestly stood out to make that much of an impression that they would make it on this list?” – Mike SP.

Tri-State Skate: Joey Zitelli Shop Flow Edit

October 5, 2009

Check out the edit of Tri-State Skate shop’s newest flow team rider, Joey Zitelli. “A lot of these clips are either super old, or have been used already, mainly both. Joey kills the game. I’ve known him for a long time, and young children really feel they can relate to Joey, so of course this is why he is on the shop team. Razors Flow” – Greg Kieffer