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The SHOCK Video Trailer

November 25, 2011

The SHOCK video will feature a NYC section with Joey Graziano and Alex Nunez. Should be available to buy on Monday!

Peep Game Montage 1

February 2, 2011

“First montage from my online video. Music by David Bowie. Shot on DVX100B. Skaters include Ryan Smith, Anthony Soto, Justin Brasco, Brian Pina, Bobby Sullivan, Bobby Reichel, Chris Murphy, Pat Irwin, Alex Nunez, Pat Bernet, Nick Orena, Phil Weaver, Dan Bradham, Joey Graziano, and Damian Michalski” – Sean Grossman.

Bobby Reichel Aragon 4 Promo

December 2, 2010

“Bobby filmed this edit in just 2 Sunday afternoons, on his brand new Aragon 4 skates and Ground Control frames. Bobby skates for Razors, Ground Control, Jug, Casualty Clothing, and Tri-State Skate. You can also see Bobby rocking the new limited edition Casualty Halloween shirt, available soon @ TSS” – Tri-State Skate.

I Roll NY X Casualty: Clip of the Week #10

February 17, 2010

This week’s C.O.W. is brought to you by Joey Graziano and Casualty Clothing. Joey caught a few clips of Bobby Reichel, Glenn Jersey, and Rob Annunziata skating in Long Island, NY. A big thanks to Casualty for participating in the Clip of the Week. Make sure the check them out at the Casualty Killers website. “Blading some dope flat rail with no run up or landing. Stopped by the home depot and grabbed some plywood and had a fun little session” – Joey G.

The “Christmas” Edit

January 3, 2010

Sean Grossman from Long Island, NY creates a holiday edit from his ’09 footage. Featuring skating from Ryan Smith, Joey Graziano, Bobby Reichel, Jeff Mateo, Sean Grossman, James Mandato, Angelo Ferrer, Shawn Gradilone, Dan Bradham, Pat Irwin, Anthony Soto, Ben Guarino, and Jeremiah Dougherty. “Made a little montage for the holiday because I have so much footage that I’ve been saving for a video that I have been slacking on.. Well heres a little present for all my friends” – Sean Grossman.

Drop In Skate Park and Tri-State Skate shop edit

June 29, 2009

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Joey G and some other Long Island, NY locals made the trip to Drop In Skatepark in Hillburn, NY which has been home of Tri-State Skate shop for a few months now. This edit features skating from Joey Graziano, Bobby Reichel, Trent Olans and Mike Fischer along with a tour of Greg’s shop. “Last monday night we made a trip up to Tri State Skate, New Yorks newest shop. They just picked up the new Casualty line so I suggest you go by there, cop some gear at the shop, then shoot downstairs for a session at Dropin Skatepark. Doesn’t get much better than that!” – Casualty. Song is Adrian Champion – Cash run.