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Casualty COW 2

November 9, 2009

Casualty clothing premiered their second clip of the week today featuring some of the Casualty crew and friends skating the Medford, New York area. I’m glad to see them follow up with the COW’s because Long Island looks like the place to be. The edit includes skating from Joey Graziano, Matt Gorton, Bobby Reichel, Neil Diskin, and Justin Brasco. BTW Matt Gorton hasn’t skated in eight years (cause he’s too busy creating/printing sick tees) and still manages to pull off a smooth back farf. Check out Casualty’s first COW here.

Valo AB1 Break In Day With Joey G

November 8, 2009

All I can say about this edit is that I’m pretty much jealous of everything that’s in here. The spots, the house, the steeze, the free skates…etc. Oh and another thing, it features Joey G of Casualty clothing skating Long Island, NY with some fresh AB 1’s. “Shot this one day in May, 2009 when I received a pair of Broskow’s from Valo… didn’t post it because I wasn’t happy with tricks I got that day. Came across it today and decided to throw it online just for the hell of it. Thanks for the blades Jon. Valo4life” – Joey G.

Casualty Clip of The Week 1

October 24, 2009

Casualty clothing premieres their new Clip of The Week feature starring Bobby Reichel and one half of Casualty, Joey G. Cool clips of Bobby and Joey skating an angled ledge, mixed with motion graphics and Nas turns out to be an entertaining short edit. Illusion fake inspin topsoul FTW!

Casualty’s Joey G Custom Valo Souls

October 20, 2009

Joey G unveiled his custom Valo souls at last month’s Last Man Standing competition at the Brooklyn Banks. It was something that people have been talking and asking about so I got in touch with Joey to get some information on the exclusive souls. “…They’re sample souls that Jon had at Valo. He just had a box of random colors that they got samples made in so I took some pink ones cause none of the other dudes who skate for Valo were really rockin them” – Joey G. Talking to him a bit more I found out that Valo will eventually be releasing different colored souls in the future, “No date, but Jon said he plans on releasing souls in different colorways in the future so people can buy them as replacements or to customize their skates.” So make sure to keep an eye out for the new colors.

Long Island Photos By: Glenn Jersey

August 21, 2009

Bobby Reichel – BS Royale to BS royale to drop in Photo: Glenn Jersey (Click to enlarge)

Glenn Jersey is a great photographer out of Long Island, NY who’s stepping up and representing his part of New York. About a week ago Glenn sent an email asking why there wasn’t much coverage of Long Island on I Roll NY and I simply answered, no one from LI submitted any content yet. Taking the opportunity that was presented into his own hands, Glenn sent me some amazing pictures all out of the Long Island area showcasing their local spots and talented bladers. Check out Glenn’s sick photos featuring Joey G, Dan Bradham, and Neil Diskin after the jump. I want to say thanks to Glenn for taking advantage of what I Roll NY has to offer. I hope more people follow his lead and i’m sure we’ll see more work from Glenn in the future.

Casualty Clothing “Rough on Rats” Tank Top

July 30, 2009

Joey G – 180. Photo: BSmith. Click to enlarge

Casualty clothing has been updating their website recently giving everyone an inside look into their creative process and the merge with the One Twenty Six graphic design studio. Today Joey G posted up a sneak peak of the Rough on Rats design on their new line of tank tops. It looks like they have a pretty sweet screen and drying setup. Also as a small bonus Casualty updated their site with a pic of Joey G from last summer taken by one of rollerblading’s best, Brandon Smith.


The CasualtyXOne Twenty Six Connection

July 21, 2009

Joey G, one part of Casualty, posted a photo of his new office space shared with graphic design group, One Twenty Six via the Be-Mag message boards. I got in contact with one of the partners of One Twenty Six to find out about the company’s involvement with Casualty and discovered that they’ve had a hand in many of the designs in our industry and other popular clothing lines. “…We are a full service graphic design firm that does a lot of work in the street wear and rollerblading industry, and various other industries. Some of the companies we do design for are Franco Shade, The Brooklyn Circus, Goliath, Vault, Johnny Cupcakes and Casualty” – Matt, One Twenty Six partner. To see some of One Twenty Six’s work check out their site here. Thanks to Matt for the info.

Shock Interview: Joey Graziano

June 18, 2009

Click to read the interview

If you don’t know who Joey Graziano, aka Joey G, is by now then you’re not paying attention. Joey G, one owner of Casualty clothing, has been interviewed by Tommy Boy of Mr. Tommy Boy emailed me personally to let me know about the interview with Joey. This isn’t your typical boring interview. It provides a lot of laughs and insight into the Casualty brand and gives a few start up tips on how to get started with making clothes. Don’t believe me? Here’s one of the many funny questions and answers from the interview.

In Home Alone part 1 Kevin saves the household all by himself. Do you think Kevin is a little bitch for not being an NRA member and just shooting those motherfucking robbers?

He had to set up all those stupid traps when he could of just blasted larry in the face and jacked that other hoe-made bitch-ass robber.

To read more of the article, check it out here. Besides the comedic Q and A there’s also some pretty sweet pics taken by local photographer, Josh Diaz. Also as a bonus, here’s Joey G’s edit reposted below for all to see the Long Island, NY native represent.

      HD version here


Casualty Flow Ryan Smith Online Edit

June 9, 2009

Check the newest member to the Casualty team, Ryan Smith of Long Island, NY. His AO Fish 25 seconds into the edit is the smoothest I’ve seen. Ryan has a lot of big tricks, style and tech switch ups (Top Acid pivot AO Top Porn, one of my favorites.) Spots include the local Long Island area and Oil City Skatepark. “Check out local Long Island ripper, Ryan Smith in his first Casualty Flow edit. Expect to see a lot more from him in the near future.” Joey G. Filmed and edited by Sean Grossman. Song is Dinosaur Jr. – Freak Scene

Josh Diaz Photo Updates

June 8, 2009

Joey G – Fishbrain. Photo: Josh Diaz

Josh Diaz is a Brooklyn, NY rollerblader and owner of Pysko clothing. He’s been updating his Flickr as of late with some incredible photos. Click on the picture above to see more of his work. Check out Josh’s Flickr here. And check out Psyko Clothing on the list of links.