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USD South America Tour RAW. Episode 2

April 9, 2010

Check out episode 2 of NYC’s Jero and Fish in their South America tour. See episode one here. “In February 2010 USD embarked on a 4 country tour through South America with Billy O’neill, Demetrios George, and Jero. This RAW series takes you behind the scenes of what you usually see, and into the life of a pro skater on tour. Travel with us as we take you along for this epic adventure. In episode 2, Billy O’neill and Demetrios George both land in Bogota, Colombia and start getting a taste of the Colombian flavor. Meeting the skaters, signing autographs, sampling the food, the beer, museums, and getting some warm up sessions in. Enjoy the show and keep your eyes peeled for episode 3” – Jeremy Stephenson.

Billy O’Neill Blazing Through South America Interview Via The Conference

April 1, 2010

Earlier in the year Fish did some touring in South America with Demetrios George and photographer Jeremy “Jero” Stephenson. The Conference posted a brief interview with Billy to get his thoughts on the recent tour. Read the interview below.

USD South America Tour RAW. Episode 1

March 31, 2010

“In February 2010 USD embarked on a 4 country tour through South America with Billy O’neill, Demetrios George, and Jero. This RAW series takes you behind the scenes of what you usually see, and into the life of a pro skater on tour. Travel with us as we take you along for this epic adventure. In episode 1, Billy O’neill is in a mad dash through New York City to pick up all the final documents needed to catch his flight just hours later. He tells us about his last few weeks in preparation and talks about what he’s looking forward to on this upcoming tour. Enjoy the show and keep your eyes peeled for episode 2” – Jero.

Billy O’Neill Makes the Cover of ONE Magazine Issue 16

February 27, 2010

“New York City in the house! A big year for our man Fish gets even better with his first-ever cover shot… and you saw it here first. Billy’s interview was shot in NYC by long-time friend and roommate Jeremy Stephenson, and shows the diversity, difficulty and style of blading this East Coast legend has made his own. And not only did Fish bust out for the camera, but he breaks off a huge chunk of knowledge in his interview, covering topics from the crash in Barcelona, The Truth, his family life, living and blading in the City, and what it means for a company to be “skater-owned.” Hell, he even shares a story about Ryan Jacklone. In an issue packed with content we can’t even tell you all about just yet, this is one feature you don’t want to miss. Premiering at BCSD X, come by our booth to be one of the 300 bladers lucky enough to get their hands on the newest issue. See you there” – ONE Magazine.

Kelly Matthews Birthday Bash and Skate Photo Gallery This Saturday

January 20, 2010

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This Saturday Ray Mendez and Skate Life Pro-Motion present the Kelly Mathews birthday bash held in Clemente Soto Vélez Cultural & Educational Center in Manhattan, NY. Come out and celebrate the 1998 world champion’s birthday in the Lower East Side accompanied by a skate photo gallery opening in the CSV Center. The gallery will feature photos from Jeremy (Jero) Stephenson, Angelo Ferrer and Cesar Macay. All the information is on the flyer above. Take the F, J, M, and Z to Delancey/Essex street. Google maps link here.

“Kelly Matthews has been a staple in the NYC skate scene for over 15 years. She is 1 of the 2 ever World Champions from the NYC area (along with former FR team mate Ryan “Riggler” Jacklone. With accolades to her credit such as: being honored as one of the “50 Best Female Athletes” by the Women’s Sports Foundation at the 25th Annual Salute To Women’s Sports Awards, to being featured in their book titled “100 Greatest Women Athletes” in 2003. Along with X Games, Gravity Games, and Goodwill Games medals to boot. In a male dominated industry Kelly helped solidify the females place in rolling sports. For a decade & a half she has continued to be presence & an influence to women & men alike both inside & out of skate culture. Current day Matthews continues to be a force in the NYC skate community. Attending & participating in events & still shredding the streets of NYC, Jersey, and abroad. We celebrate Kelly, her 16th year of skating & all she has done for the skate community at her 28th Birthday Bash” – Ray Mendez.

“NYC Rolls” – A Group Photo Show
NYC is rapidly re-staking its claim as the World Capital of skate culture. Long the home of one of the strongest, longest running & most committed skate scenes world wide – 2009 marked the “rebirth of the giant”. The level of athleticism, talent & style that has been & is currently being produced by skaters out of NYC is unmatched by any city or scene on Earth. In this group photo show we showcase some of that talent – both in front of & behind the lens. With veterans such as Angelo Ferrer, newer talents such as Caesar McKay & transplants/phenoms such as Jeremy Stephenson (aka Jero) NYC is poised to produce some of the most amazing skate imagery the world has seen. NYC Rolls will showcase some select works from each of these photographers. This exhibition will run for 3 weeks at the CSV (Clemente, Soto Velez) main floor gallery with an opening reception on Sat Jan 28th 2010.

Hector Gonzalez Photo by Jero

December 7, 2009

Hector Gonzalez – Fishbrain. Photo: Jeremy Stephenson.

Shot in New York, NY at Union Square by Jeremy Stephenson. Featured on

SHOCK Interview with Jero on the NYC Scene

November 28, 2009

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Kevin Yee of SHOCK interviewed one of our city’s newest additions Jeremy “Jero” Stephenson on our skating scene. The interview mainly covers our summer Lets Roll NY sessions and discusses how NYC has gained back it’s rightful title of being the best skate scene in the US. The interview also features a handful of the group photos from our LRNY sessions held in the Summer. Read the interview at the SHOCK site.

New Vibralux New York City Tee

October 1, 2009


Vibralux has recently released a new line of jeans along with the new tee shown above. Adam Johnson posted via the Be-Mag message board that the photo used for the shirt was taken in NYC by one of our city’s newest resident’s Jeremy Stephenson aka Jero. I got in contact with Jero to get some more info on the shirt. “Well basically Alex [Broskow] and AJ had an idea for a photo based tee, and commissioned me to shoot it and wanted a B&W image with an NYC feel. I packed up some photo gear and biked about 35 miles around the city early in the summer shooting all sort of things along the way. We ended up with a few hundred options and narrowed it down to this one. The final pick was taken from the Manhattan bridge looking down into Brooklyn. I should get to see the shirt on Monday in person, i’m hyped. Oh yeah, and shout out to my home girl Opal Morris who’s kicking off her modeling career with this one” – Jero. Vibralux is always making quality products so show your support for a quality company that’s showing our city some love. Thanks to Jero for the behind the scenes info.

More photos of the shirt can be seen here and here.

Lets Roll NY Session 3 Wrap Up

August 9, 2009

Billy O’Neil – BS Royale Photo: Craig Benabu (Click to see original)

Last Saturday was the third Lets Roll NY session created by Victor Callender and the Wheels In Motion team. It was the biggest turn out we had during LRNY, filled with tons of local New Yorker’s and a handful of guest appearances by the likes of Jeremy Stephenson, Julian Bah, and Ben Schwab. Some of our local pros and legends came out as well. Franco Cammayo, Billy O’Neil, Sam Grimm, Ramelle Knight and plenty of others were in attendance to witness the 50+ crowd that gathered together to show their support for what we all love doing. I reached out to those who came out to the session, and luckily Evotek Media’s Adonis Taylor came through with a great summary of his experience during our session which I feel sums up how we all felt. Check out his story along with accompanying photos from Angelo Ferrer, Layla Ferrer, Lari Dal Lago, Craig Benabu and Adonis Taylor himself after the jump.