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Hyper Mike RESPECT Article on SUAS

May 1, 2011

“On the 21st day of March in the year of 1982 in New York City, Hyper Mike was born. He grew up in Spanish Harlem, NYC where many legendary skaters were born. Rollers such as Rawlinson Rivera, Ryan Jacklone, Ron Hunter, Ray Mendez, Calvin Sayles, Danny Ortiz, and his good friend Joel Hinds lived and rolled to their fame. These professional skaters ain’t nothing to mess with in our aggressive skating history…sort of like the rap game back then so he definitely had a lot to live up to if he wanted to make an impact in the NYC blading world. Mike started out as a little grom in our sport by learning the basics of street skating at the age of 9 in the mean streets of Spanish Harlem. Skating came naturally to him since he pretty much taught himself how to skate street by jumping off of 2 steps to then learning how to go down the huge park slides in the Jefferson Projects” – SUAS. Read the full article on

Spring Break Pier 25 Competition Edit

April 15, 2011

“On April 9th, Hyper Mike held a competition at the Pier 25 skate park in Manhattan. The turnout for this battle style/jam session competition was great. Skaters from all over the Tri-State and NYC came out to watch the one on one battles and session the park. Among these bladers were Franco Cammayo, Hector “Tato” Gonzalez and special guest Dominik Wagner who came out to experience the NYC skate scene in full effect. Enjoy this edit by Sam DeAngelis and stay tuned for more competitions from all Spring/Summer long!” – Sam DeAngelis. See more photos from the competition on Be-Mag.

EvoTek Yearbook Photos Volume 1

January 15, 2011

Check out the new photo series from Christen Cofer bringing you some never before seen pictures from the EvoTek crew. “Between myself and other members of the Evotek crew there are alot of never before seen behind the scenes photos that we had taken over the years. i personally have a volt of photos that have yet to see the light of i took when i went out filming or to an event like LMS.These photos may not necessarily hold much significance for the Rollerblading scene as a whole but definitely myself and perhaps the people in the photos. I wanted to share them and maybe bring back some memories for some people. I plan on releasing a handful of photos each month. Most of these photos were taken by either myself or Adonis Taylor” – Christen Cofer. Check out the photos below.

Versus Battle at Moshulo This Saturday 11/13

November 9, 2010

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Date: Saturday, November 13th, 2010
Time: 12:00PM until 5:00PM.
Fee: $10 to enter.
Format: Series of 1 on 1 battles.
Location: Moshulo Parkway Rails ( East Moshulo Pkwy & Hull ave)
Train Directions: D train to Norwood 205th Street.
More Info:

Art of Rolling Oil City OG Session Edit

November 4, 2010

Featuring skating from Joe Dedentro, Victor Callender, Robert Monegro, Alex Nunez, Mike Horbituak, Angelo Ferrer, Jordan Baez, Hyper Mike, Frank D’Angelo, and Christie Toledo.

Flip The Script Last Man Standing Edit

August 31, 2010

“Last Man Standing 2010. A peek into the controversial LMS 2010. Enjoy! Skaters feat but not limited to: Ramelle Knight, Joseph Stephens, Brian Aragon, Ralphy(PR), Jimmy Shuda, Julian Bah, Mark Wodja, Ray Genera, Franco Cammayo, Steve Cortes, Nick Uhas, Jose Henriquez, Hyper Mike, Jesus Medina, Evan Grimball, Carlos Montenegro, Trevor Johnson, and many many more! Thank you for watching! Stay Tuned!” – Flip The Script.

Bitter Cold Show Down Journal Day 1

February 25, 2010

As we all know this weekend is the most exciting weekend of the month. Bitter Cold Show Down, one of the biggest competitions of the year, will be taking place in Detroit, Michigan. Though many New Yorker’s made the journey out to Detroit in today’s blizzard a lot of us unfortunately could not. For those of us that couldn’t make it to BCSD this year, photographers Ryan Loewy and Drew Humphrey have taken on the task of documenting their trip to Bitter Cold Show Down and sharing their story with all of us bringing BCSD directly to you! Check out Ryan’s, Drew’s, Mike’s and Quang’s first day on the road to BCSD after the jump. Photos by Ryan Loewy and Drew Humphrey. Story by Ryan Loewy.

Upper Westside Rolling

October 9, 2009

Check the edit of some of our older skaters in the NYC area. It’s always good to see people still on their skates doing what they love especially when Angel “Smoothy” Bajana is one of them. For those that may not know, Angel helped create a lot of the memorable skate videos from the NYC and East Coast Scene through Nature Skate Video. Along with Smoothy, Hyper Mike and J. Cooper are featured in this edit skating the Columbia rail spot along with other uptown Manhattan, NY spots.

Kevin Dowling 365 Clips in NYC

September 23, 2009

For those who don’t know, Kevin Dowling has been working on a personal project where he’s documenting skate clips every single day for one straight year. Yup, that’s 365 clips from one person. K Dirty also spent some time in our city and has been kind enough to feature NYC and one of our LRNY session’s in his 365 series. Kevin also caught some clips at the Brooklyn Banks, Union Square, Coleman Skatepark, and upstate, NY with guest appearances from Rob G, Hyper Mike, Jon Ortiz, Ariel Suren and Jero. See all the NYC clips after the jump and at Kevin Dowling’s Youtube page. Keep watching and supporting Kevin!

Hyper Mike And Edgar River Edit

August 5, 2009

Hyper Mike submits his edit of himself and Edgar Rivers skating the Hunts Point area of the Bronx, NY. Check the edit with some really clean skating, technical tricks and some great lines. The edit also includes one of my favorite old school hip hop songs. Edgar’s 270 BS royale revert 360 out is a favorite of course. Edited by Hyper Mike. Song is Special Ed – I got it made.