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Hillel Dov 31 Years Old 2015 Edit

September 1, 2015

Local Brooklyn blader Hillel Dov put together this edit of himself skating throughout the year as he joins the dirty thirty club.

Hillel Dov ONE Photo Journal

September 5, 2011

“It was hot outside and Angelo Ferrer from Art of Rolling set up a shoot for me. So I got my ass all the way from Union Ave in Brooklyn to 168th St. in the City. A kid named Pablo is on the phone trying to explain to me where he is.

Ledges. He keeps swearing I should see ledges. Every time I ask him for some other reference he keeps telling me he’s standing on ledges. I finally see him and can’t help but feel misled. Considering this was a reference for location, I kept looking for something elevated. Whatever happened to calling these planters?! But I digress.

Pablo Munoz and Anddy Feliciano are two talented skaters and they did their thing. Chauncy Jenkins showed up and really got the session going. All of a sudden the ledge wasn’t challenging enough for everyone. I don’t remember who specifically started it, but it became clear that only tricks done over the grating were going to count from here on out. Among many tricks, Pablo laced this fishbrain.

D300,1/250, f9, ISO200, 18mm. One Vivitar 285 set to 1/8 power. Cactus remotes” – Hillel Dov.


I Roll NY Billy O’Neill 3D Desktop Wallpaper

July 9, 2011

If you picked up your copy of Art of Rolling magazine I2V2 then you got to see the exclusive I Roll NY 3D anaglyph ad featuring Billy O’Neill. Now you can use the 3D glasses that came with the mag to view the high quality downloadable desktop wallpaper on your computer. Download the I Roll NY 3D ad here. Photo by Hillel Dov. Photo retouching by Craig Benabu. Don’t have 3D anaglyph glasses? Here’s a quick tutorial video on how you can make them yourself.

See the previous desktop wallpaper from I Roll NY here.

Freeze Fame: Hillel Dov

June 23, 2011

“This was one of the more memorable Lets Roll NY sessions to go down. Billy O’Neil, Jeph Howard, Chris Farmer, Dave Lang, OG NY rippers like Jon Ortiz, Ryan Jacklone, Dave Ortega and others I’m forgetting all showed up to session Pier 62. It was the first session I’d shot in a long, long time and I was having a lot of trouble keeping up with everyone. Farmer laced the soul up the bank ledge to drop soul on the straight ledge. Ortiz hit the backside royale with steez across the whole ledge that Billy O’Neill is disaster fishbraining. Dudes were going off.

I put together this 3D typography experiment for I Roll NY but it wound up not working for the original plans. It’s dope that it’s running now since it was just about a year ago to the day that this was shot.The photo itself doesn’t have a lot of manipulation to it. Standard levels, saturation and sharpening. (Seriously, and no I didn’t add the fucking lens flare in PS) But I did spend a bitch of a time in the new (at the time) repousse plug-in in photoshop. 3D ain’t easy. At some point you kinda have to accept that it’s never gonna look real (at least with my skills) and just focus on the lighting.

Lighting is everything. Even if the textures don’t completely make sense, your brain will accept the 3D as possible if the lighting is right. And perspective, that’s definitely a big one. The right perspective is what makes the text look like it’s sitting and not floating. Like any technique, you need to use it when appropriate. Like drop-shadows, 3D won’t always be the right execution. But to me it send the right message, which is, standing strong in the middle of everything” – Hillel Dov.

Valo Lets Roll NY Session Photos by Hillel Dov

May 20, 2011

Victor Arias – Back royale on the quarter to back royale on the bank sequence

Last week’s Lets Roll NY session with the Valo team had a great turn out. Almost every blader in New York City came out to shred with the crew during their stay here. Photographer Hillel Dov caught a few snapshots of the crowd along with some of the big tricks that went down. Don’t forget about the Valo team session that will go down tomorrow. Info/Directions can be found on a previous post. See all the photos from Friday’s session below. All photos by Hillel Dov.

Hillel Dov ODNY X I Roll NY Contest Entry

April 2, 2011

Hillel Dov’s entry for the ODNY X I Roll NY contest. “100% never been skated before. This is the first time this piece of slate sticking out of a brick wall has seen wax” – Hillel Dov.

OG Rollers Night & Rob G Skate Release Party Pics by Hillel Dov

November 6, 2010

Thursday night the OG/Rob G skate release party went down and it was a great success to say the least. A big thanks to Jon Ortiz and Kyle Radzyminski, owner of Billy Hurricanes, for throwing a great event. A lot of big names came out such a Ryan Jacklone, Dave Ortega, Billy O’Neill along with out of state names like Adam Killgore, Sean Keane, David Sizemore, Montre Livingston and of course Rob G came out to celebrate. Check out all the pics photographer Hillel Dov caught Thursday night. More photos will be posted tomorrow as well so stay tuned!

Behind The Scenes of The 3 op Reis Film Shoot

September 15, 2010

On Saturday afternoon a film crew from the Netherlandic show, 3 op Reis, filmed local NYC skaters at the Wall Street area in Manhattan, NY for their Dutch travel channel which will showcase skating in their NYC segment. The film crew was inspired to showcase our scene by a previous article on I Roll NY written by Aulistar Mark.

“3 op Reis (translated ‘Channel 3 Travels’) is a series created by a team of passionate travelers, produced by Dutch national broadcaster BNN. We’ve just successfully finished three seasons of 27 episodes each, with good reviews and ratings (around 700.000 – 800.000 viewers on a weekly basis). 3 op Reis is a mixture of the experiences and adventures of the presenters, beautiful shots of the destinations, involvement with the local people and practical information about the destination. It is the leading (and at the moment the only) travel program at Dutch television…” – Leslie Borgers. See more behind the scenes photos from the shoot below. All photos by Hillel Dov.

Lets Roll NY Session 13 Photos

August 4, 2010

Robert Guerrero – Top acid. Photo: Hillel Dov

Lets Roll NY Session 13 took place last Wednesday at the Maloof skate plaza in Queens, NY. There was an unexpected special guest at the session, Rob G, who pulled off some stylish tricks in his new prototype Rollerblades. Photographer Hillel Dov was at the LRNY session to capture all the big tricks that went down. Thanks to Hillel for photographing the past few sessions. You can check out more of Hillel’s photos on his Flickr page. See all the photos from LRNY #13 below.

Lets Roll NY Session 12 Photos

July 18, 2010

Franco Cammayo – Cross grab backside backslide. Photo: Hillel Dov.

Lets Roll NY Session 12 went down last Wednesday afternoon. Even though it was raining on and off most of the day, a lot of bladers still came out to show their love of rollerblading including Franco Cammayo, Angelo Ferrer, Montre Livingston and many local skaters. Check out all the photos below taken by Hillel Dov.