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New York City Rollerblading Industry Meeting

March 6, 2009

Photo: Angelo Ferrer

Wednesday night there was a meeting held at the Haven Arts gallery in the Bronx, NY (speaking of, if you’re looking for a warm place to skate from 6pm-10pm you should go and session the box and prails there.) where most of the companies based in New York discussed what the future holds for rollerblading in our area. A lot of important issues were brought up and decisions were made to help everyone stay in contact with each other and use each of our resources to not only help ourselves individually but to help our community and to bring back New York as a major staple in the rollerblading industry. Besides our discussion, Chris and Courtney Brown of B. Unique, gave us a preview of their Freestyle Rolling campaign which honestly will change every naysayers mind and will hopefully unite us and give us one definitive term. I would go into more detail but I wouldn’t do it justice. They also gave us a sneak peak of what they’re personally working on to help our community. As well, photographer Angelo Ferrer gave out a few copies of his newly printed magazine where he’s showcasing all of nyc’s best rollerbladers using his exclusive photography skills. Pictures from the meeting/presentation below along with a few before/after session pics.

B. Unique Jam Session Tonight at Haven Arts Gallery

February 26, 2009

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For those who missed out on the Boogie Down Show Down and for those who will not be leaving to attend the Bitter Cold Show Down this weekend, B.Unique and the Haven Arts Gallery are throwing one last final jam session with a $100 prize for best trick. This will not be setup like your average competition. It’s in a jam session format which means all the competitors will session the box through the night and the winner will be announced later in the evening. Besides the jam session, B.Unique will be showing off their new never before seen products for 2009 and may also be giving a few samples out.

Photo/Flyer: Craig Benabu

Haven Arts Gallery Session This Monday Through Thursday February 26th

February 23, 2009

The Haven Arts galley, host of the Valo 3 premiere and recent host of the Boogie Down Show Down, is allowing everyone to come skate the box and other small Prails today, Monday February 23rd until Thursday February 26th from 6pm-10pm each day. There is a small fee of $5 to skate the box today (and possibly the other days.) Check out the Haven Arts website for directions. Google maps image from the train station to the gallery here. Thanks to Haven Arts for allowing everyone to have a warm place to skate for the week.

Photo: Craig Benabu