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EvoTek Yearbook Photos Volume 2

February 20, 2011

Trevor Johnson – Topacid. This photo was taken at the Why So Serious comp back in September 2008 during warm ups.

Second installment of the photo series from Christen Cofer. You can see the first set previously posted here. Check out all the photos below. Words and pics by Christen Cofer.


Damian Michalski Box Edit

June 28, 2009

Damian Michalski, Skeptic Media team rider, has been killing it for about a year straight now. He’s been improving non stop and his trick vocabulary has been growing immensely which you can see in the above edit. Damian, along with myself and the other Brooklyn rollers, made the journey ( yes it’s a journey when you’re coming from the end of Brooklyn) to the Bronx to session the Skeptic box at the Haven Arts Gallery. “During the time the box was at the gallery Damian Michalski only showed up one day lol…But that one day he was able to kill it and get a few clips in. Enjoy” – Navin Hardyal. Filmed and edited by Navin Hardyal. Additional clips by Craig Benabu.

Ramelle Knight Box Edit at the Haven Arts Gallery

June 14, 2009

Check the edit Evotek Media Group’s Adonis Taylor and Christen Cofer created of Deshi’s own Ramelle Knight. Filmed during the sessions held at the Haven Arts Gallery. Ramelle murders the Skeptic Media box with a ton of tech switch ups and reverts. Filmed by Christen Cofer. Edited by Adonis Taylor. Song is Fabolous – This is my party (instrumental).

One Week with John Stephens

June 10, 2009

Skeptic Media continues to bang out edit after edit this time featuring John Stephens. The Dipskate, Flatline rider made the switch from Deshi to RB a while ago and never looked back. This edit features John when he first got his new skates hitting up Bronx, NY spots featuring the Haven Arts gallery (home of the BDSD) and Manhattan, NY spots. The back royale-tru makio-forward makio at the Haven Arts and the unity to top porn, fishbrain 360 pole tap at Colombia University stand out in the edit and show John’s true talent. Filmed and edited by Navin Hardyal. Song is K’naan – ABC’s.


The How We Roll Skate Gathering and Last Haven Arts Gallery Session is Tomorrow Saturday March 21

March 20, 2009

The How We Roll Skate Gathering is an event held by Johnny Peralta to get every roller together for a day and have a gigantic session together. Its going to be held at the world famous Brooklyn Banks tomorrow, Saturday March 21st, starting at 1:00 ending about 5:30. This is a good chance to meet some new rollerbladers and make new friends.

Following the huge session at the Brooklyn Banks, the Haven Arts Gallery (host of the Boogie Down Show Down) in the Bronx, NY will be having their final session so make your way to the gallery after the banks. It’s a great place to skate indoors with a bunch of small P rails and the Skeptic Media box (which is usually straight on the floor so don’t worry about the drop) and provides a great atmosphere for everyone. It’s the last sessions they’ll be hosting so even if you’re too tired to skate just go to attend and be apart of the session. For more information/directions on the Haven Arts check out our previous posts or check out the Haven Arts Gallery site.

Photo: Angelo Ferrer

Boogie Down Show Down Photos

March 11, 2009

Franco Cammayo – Top Acid

Photos from the Bronx, NY competition in the Haven Arts Gallery. Check out the rest of his pictures below. Also, The Haven Arts gallery is still hosting sessions from 6pm-10pm for $5. They have the box that was used in the competition along with a few small Prails and ramps. It’s a perfect place to skate on a rainy day but call first to make sure the sessions are still going on. Check the Haven Arts website for info and directions. Boogie Down Show Down pictures after the jump.

Boogie Down Show Down Edit

March 9, 2009

Skeptic Media just released their online edit of the Boogie Down Show Down Invitational that went down at the Haven Arts Gallery in the Bronx, NY on February 21st, 2009. “The Boogie Down Showdown edit featuring Damian Michalski, Rafael Herrera, Jose Henriques, Ramelle Knight, Trevor Johnson, Hector Rodriguez, Mikey Cancel, Kevin Cintron and more of the tri state’s finest. PS. Pardon for the shaky camera work, it was really hectic.” – Skeptic Media. Check out the two pics below, provided by Ray Mendez, to get a behind the scenes look of the judges score card and Jon Ortiz lounging at the gallery. Thanks again to the Haven Arts for allowing us to skate.

Photobucket   Photobucket

More Pictures from the Boogie Down Show Down by: Craig Benabu

February 22, 2009

Hector Rodriguez representing

More sample pictures of last night’s competition provided by Craig Benabu. Again, we’ll have even more pictures and a story up soon. Check out some more of the sample pictures below.