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Create Originals Custom Ride System Frame

February 26, 2013

“Introducing, the Worlds First & Only Custom Ride System(CRS) Inline Skate Frame. Featuring Customizable Shock Absorbing Capabilities. The Spacer Sliders allow each attached inline skate wheel to independently move upwards against a small urethane dampener embedded in the frame wall. Vibrations from uneven pavement and the impact forces from harsh landings that occur while inline skating can be reduced or completely eliminated. This system can be precisely tuned to each individuals desired ride comfort & suggested weight specification. Some of the advantages of the CRS Frame include easy customization and fine tuning of the rider experience with endless options to potentially choose from. With such few parts involved it is also, without a doubt, the lightest suspension inline frame system ever created” – Create Originals. Find out more info and donate on the Create Originals Kickstarter page.

The Truth 2 NYC World Premiere weekend

December 28, 2009

Austin Paz sends his edit of the Truth 2 premiere in NYC and the Create Originals road trip to Rye Airfield in New Hampshire. Check out all the big names that came out to the premiere in our city and the session at Rye Airfield. “The Truth 2 World Premiere took place in downtown Manhattan on 12/18/09 with a huge turn out. This is the weekend with the success of the premiere and following The Truth crew from NYC to Rye, New Hampshire” – Austin Paz.

The Truth 2 Premiere Photos

December 20, 2009

The majority of the crowd during the premiere screening.

Friday, December 18th 2009, a crowd gathers in the SOHO area of New York, NY. This isn’t your typical gathering of hipsters or college students who normally patrol the area though. This is something completely different. Groups of kids arrive in front of the St. Patrick Youth Center in beat up clothes and rollerblades on their feet waiting in anticipation in the cold winter weather for the biggest premiere in NYC this year. (more…)

Create Originals Xtreme Wheels Edit

December 3, 2009

“The Create Originals co-owners took the 8 hour drive trip out to the “Rolling Rumble” contest that went down at Xtreme Wheels skate park in Buffalo, New York last Sunday. We arrived at Buffalo late Saturday night and decided since Niagara Falls was only 10 minutes away that it was to close not to visit the next day. Our trip to one of the worlds natural wonders was on a misty day so visibility wasn’t as great as it could have been but it was still an amazing site. We then headed to the skate park where we were welcomed by one of the owners Virginia who could not have been more hospitable and she’s is also extremely down for skating. Her family runs the only park in town which basically keeps the Buffalo skate scene alive during the cold winter months. After greetings from the staff and locals and a tour of the immense facility, we set up the goods and spent the day watching the comp go down and explaining the product to the eager and curious locals. After the contest wrapped up and we gave away some frames to the winners, we decided to get some quick clips before immediately heading on our way back to Boston. This edit features all 3 co-owners, Billy O’Neill, Brian Lewis, and Hakeem Jimoh late night at the skate park” – Create Originals.

Create Originals X Lets Roll NY Session Wrap Up

November 23, 2009

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Sunday’s LRNY Bronx session was more of a flash back then a normal meet up. Names like Brian Lewis, Hakeem Jimoh, Joe Dedentro and the usual Victor Callender and Jon Ortiz were all in attendance. It’s really good for any person to know their history but to be in the presence of people who pioneered your sport is something truly great. The session started slowly with people arriving with their sun glasses on, recuperating from the Saturday night hang over, and the Create Originals crew, Brian Lewis and Hakeem Jimoh, managed to be the early birds of the day coming all the way from Boston.

Create Originals Pro Team Preview

July 30, 2009

Create Originals has snuck in a quick update about the company via their facebook page saying, “new press release coming soon. it will have the pro-team announcement and expected release date!!!” I got in contact with Billy O’Neil, one owner of Create Originals, via text message and was lucky enough to get a more official statement. “…well for now I can say that we’ve finally come to a decision on our pro team, however we’re going to wait a bit longer to announce it. The site [] is now up and running and our first ad came out in Roller Warehouse. We’re looking forward to a good year and we appreciate everyone in NYC showing their enthusiam” – Billy O’Neil. While talking to Fish I also got the scoop that the team should be officially announced in about a week so stay tuned. Thanks to Billy for getting in touch with I Roll NY.

Billy O’Neil Interview with SHOCK

July 28, 2009

Tommy Boy and the SHOCK crew brings us some more New York City related news this time featuring Billy O’Neil. Billy talks about his injury and recovery along with the creation of his new frame company with Hakeem Jimoh and Brian Lewis, Create Originals. You can see Billy’s own setup too. Fish also touches upon his pro skate that should be on the market in September which will include Street Artist wheels and Jug liners. You might also want to pay attention near the end when he reveals a huge event that will be happening in NYC around the release of his skate.


Create Originals Website Update and Summer 09 Line

July 23, 2009

Click to view the new site and catalog

Hakeem Jimoh, one part of the Create Originals team, messaged me earlier via facebook letting me know about the updates to the Create Originals site. The new site contains links to the Create Originals frames, video, template, contact link and of course a link to their online catalog. The catalog features a very impressive interactive layout and 4 tee designs which will be available for purchase. Check the Create Originals site here to see for yourself. Thanks Hakeem for the news.