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Greg Kieffer Drop-In Skatepark Clips

July 14, 2011

Check out the owner of Tri-State Skate, Greg Kieffer, skating Drop-In skatepark. Filmed and edited by Chris Kolodziej.


Sean Agoliati Remz HR Edit

August 12, 2010

Tri-State skate creates this Remz HR edit featuring team rider Sean Agoliati skating the Maloof skate plaza in Queens, NY. “Promo edit from TSS/Remz rider Sean Agoliati. This edit was filmed in 2 DAYS! Sean kills it” – Tri-State Skate. You can get your Remz HR1.1 and all other products at Tri-State Skate.

B-Roll and Falls

January 28, 2010

Pretty self explanatory here. Greg Kieffer of Tri-State Skate put together a two part montage of footage he has gathered over the years featuring some shop riders and many laughs along with many falls. “3+ years of falls and B-Roll footage in 2 amazing parts…see Tri-State Skate rider Sean Agoliati get hit by a car, and shop rider Pat Bernat hit his head pretty bad. Among many other amazing clips. Actually I think Sean is the one who hit the car, it didn’t hit him. Either way stay tuned!” – Greg Kieffer.

I Roll NY Clip of the Week #6

January 20, 2010

Tri-State Skate delivers the I Roll NY C.O.W. for week number 6. This week’s C.O.W. features Jesus Medina skating uptown Manhattan. Filmed and edited by Gregory Kieffer. Make sure to support Tri-State Skate.

Ryan Many & Tim Franken Tri-State Skate Welcome Edit

January 8, 2010

Greg Kieffer of Tri-State Skate reveals his two latest riders Ryan Many and Tim Franken. Greg welcomes the two new riders with some collective footage of Ryan and Tim skating all over NYC and NJ. Check the dope edit above to see why the two were chosen as the new Tri-State Skate riders. Filmed and edited by Greg Kieffer.

I Roll NY Clip of the Week #2

December 23, 2009

First let me start off by saying that if you’d like to be apart of the I Roll NY C.O.W. send an email to to receive the official logo and details. Second, thanks to Greg Kieffer of Tri-State Skate for contributing to the second clip of the week featuring Tri-State Skate rider Pat Bernat aka Crazy Pat. Check out three dope tricks done on this perfect handicap rail. Filmed and edited by Greg Kieffer. Support Tri-State Skate and tell ’em I Roll NY sent ya 😉

Art of Rolling X I Roll NY: Tri-State Skate Trip

December 14, 2009

Saturday, myself along with Angelo and Layla Ferrer from the Art of Rolling made a trip to Hillburn, NY to visit Greg Kieffer at Tri-State Skate located in Drop-In Skatepark. Angelo put together this short edit introducing Greg and showcasing some of the shop’s products. We also skated Drop-In where Angelo caught some more footage featuring Dave Ngo, James Perez, Damian Michalski, Steven Perez, Greg Kieffer, and Dre.

New FRSH, Gost, Vibralux, and Kaspa at Tri-State Skate

August 18, 2009

Tri-State Skate has been stocking up on all the newest lines of the Summer and Fall season. The shop will be carrying the summer Gost and Kaspa line along with the fall Vibralux and FRSH line. You can see all the lines that Tri-State is carrying and will be carrying in the future at the shop’s web page. You can check out the Tri-State Skateshop personally at Drop-In skatepark in Hillburn, NY.

FRSH Fall Line Sneak Peak at Tri-State Skate

August 8, 2009
Click to check the Tri-State Blog

Greg of Tri-State skate is always updating his shop’s blog with a bunch of great deals, discounts, sales and new products he receives. Yesterday Tri-State posted up a sneak peak of the Franco Shade, now mainly referred to as FRSH, fall line he will be receiving soon. The new line looks top quality and great to wear while skating and off skating. “I think the pics speak for themselves. As soon as I know more details, so will you…” – Tri-State Skate. Everyone should support Greg’s efforts and visit the shop located at Drop-In skatepark in Hillburn, NY. Also, to my knowledge the park has become more blader friendly and now offers a $10 Monday night skate due to Greg’s work.


Drop In Skate Park and Tri-State Skate shop edit

June 29, 2009

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Joey G and some other Long Island, NY locals made the trip to Drop In Skatepark in Hillburn, NY which has been home of Tri-State Skate shop for a few months now. This edit features skating from Joey Graziano, Bobby Reichel, Trent Olans and Mike Fischer along with a tour of Greg’s shop. “Last monday night we made a trip up to Tri State Skate, New Yorks newest shop. They just picked up the new Casualty line so I suggest you go by there, cop some gear at the shop, then shoot downstairs for a session at Dropin Skatepark. Doesn’t get much better than that!” – Casualty. Song is Adrian Champion – Cash run.