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Freque Apparel Team Edit

December 17, 2011

“A few quick clips with half of the team from Frequency Apparel. Adam Caroselli,James Perez, Derek Carr, and introducing Keith Quirke and Joey Scannella to the lineup!” – Derek Carr.

Freque Apparel Interview with James Perez

June 2, 2011

Frequency Apparel has published an online interview with team rider and local Brooklyn, NY blader James Perez. Get an inside scoop on James’ lifestyle, skating, and upcoming signature t-shirt. See the Freque James Perez interview here. Thanks to Freque Apparel and James Perez for mentioning I Roll NY in the interview.

Chad Caroselli “Never Forget” Edit

December 14, 2009

From Staten Island to California, Chad Caroselli submits an edit of his journey to the West Coast. Chad has a real clean OG trick list mixed in with some updated style which makes for some great footage. Check the edit of the 15 years plus veteran representing Frequency Apparel and United by Art. Thanks to Chad for the I Roll NY shout out too!

James Perez Short Brooklyn Edit

December 5, 2009

Brooklyn, NY’s James Perez gets it in with this short edit. Even though he gets “folded” in the beginning of the edit he laces a ton of smooth tricks and tech switch ups at the Ocean Parkway rails in Brooklyn. See a small sample of James Perez’s steez above. Filmed and edited by Derek Carr.

Frequencey Apparel “The Intro”

September 28, 2009

“First official edit from Freque Apparel featuring the talents of the Frequency Apparel team. Introducing Damian Michalski, Narong My, Mike Terrazas,Derek Carr, and Chad Caroselli. More projects to come in the near future. Big shout out to the team for throwing down these clips when they had to, looking forward to future projects with All of you guys” – Derek Carr.

Frequency Apparel Online Teaser

August 8, 2009

Frequencey/Freque Apparel is a New York City based company based out of Staten Island. Run by local resident, Derek Carr, the company has been a force that has been creeping up lately. Making the Frequency Apparel presence known, Derek released this online teaser featuring his team riders, Damian Michalski, James Perez, Mike Terrazzas, Narong My, and Chad Carroseli. The team riders are from various parts of New York allowing coverage from each of their location as shown in the trailer. Check the Frequency Apparel site here for more information on the team and new line.