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Emil Marvin Maloof Skate Plaza Edit

July 11, 2010

“Marvin and i embarked on a 2 day project to create a mini edit. Emil Marvin put together a flawless session where he landed trick after trick. Marvin is founder of the newly prominent skate family Roll and Blaze, Be on the look out for more of his crew in the future but for now witness EMIL MARVIN handling his business. While it rained Marvin manage to perform tons of tricks at Flushing, and after we went to a local rail where he showed with dedication you can get back up and do the trick” – Angelo Ferrer. See the photos from the session here.

Eric Miller Flushing Meadows Edit

July 4, 2010

Check the latest from NJ’s Eric Miller skating the Flushing Meadows/Maloof skate plaza in Queens, NY. A nice short edit with a lot of sick tricks in the new plaza.

One Day at Maloof

July 3, 2010

Check the latest edit from Jordan Baez of Manhattan, NY skating the new Flushing Meadows/Maloof skate plaza in Queens, NY. Featuring skating from Htat Lin Htut, Modesto Tito, Jose Disla and more.

iMagyneThat.Com Presents Maloof Day Our Way

June 24, 2010

“Directed By Joe Perez. Featuring Ramelle Knight, Rafael Herrera,Evan Grimball and Lonnie Pearson. Ok Joe Perez Here again trying to show you guys some stuff before our release of Fitted. Now Check it, we are not really able to release our street footage because its exclusive to our upcoming video. So we film street in Maloof. Maloof is in the heart of queens and it is were a skateboarder won 100,000 dollars to kickflip a nine step gap. Unfortunately I was unable to film the boarder who’s leg emulated jello when he tried to gap the 9 step gap yesterday but I do have this exclusive Freestyle Rolling session. P.S. BOARDERS BEWARE This was actually worth being on tv and winning money over. Fun To Watch. Now I present to you MDOW Enjoy NY and Others” – Joe Perez.

Lets Roll NY Session 10 Tomorrow!

June 18, 2010

Tomorrow at 2:00PM the tenth Lets Roll New York session of the summer will take place at the new flushing meadows skate plaza in Queens, NY. The park is said to get crowded quickly so get there early! All the info is on the flyer above. Take the 7 train to 111th street in Queens, NY. Walking directions from the train station to flushing meadows park here.

Up Close Photos of the Flushing Meadows Skate Plaza

June 14, 2010

The flushing meadows skate plaza/ Maloof skate plaza has been on everyone’s mind lately. The plaza has had no official confirmation on when it would open but it looks as if it is skateable to the public now. On Saturday a few bladers went to the park and Adonis Taylor caught a couple of quick flicks of most of the obstacles of the park. Check them out up top to get a glimpse of what’s available to skate at the new park. Photos by Adonis Taylor.

Flushing Meadows Skate Plaza Update

June 4, 2010

Looks like the Flushing Meadows skate plaza is almost completed. As previously stated the park features obstacles recreating well known street spots around NYC. After this weekend the plaza is said to be open to all sports. New York 1 did a short piece on the plaza earlier today making the claim that, “There are 13 skate parks in the city for the estimated one-million skaters. Two other parks are under construction.” So looks like we should be expecting two more skate parks/plazas done in the near future. See the NY1 story here.

Lets Roll NY X Art of Rolling BBQ Edit

May 6, 2010

If you didn’t come out to the LRNY X AOR BBQ session last Saturday then you missed out on good skating, good vibes, and good food. A big thanks to Layla Ferrer for being the chef of the day and thanks to Angelo Ferrer and Victor Callender for throwing a great session. Check the edit up top to see what went down last weekend. Filmed by Victor Callender. Edited by Angelo Ferrer.

Neil Diskin Flushing Meadows Edit

December 7, 2009

Check the edit of Neil Diskin skating the globe in Flushing Meadows park in Queens, NY. The edit takes place during one of our summer mindsoulp are lazy faggots Lets Roll NY sessions. A lot of great lines and tech tricks are laced by Neil. Filmed and edited by Glenn Jersey.

Flushing Meadows Online Edit by: Casualty Clothing

March 17, 2009

     HD version here

Casualty clothing updated their site with their latest edit featuring one of Queens, NY’s most famous skate spot Flushing Meadows park aka the globe. Skaters include Joey G, Neil Diskin, and Bobby Reichel. “Thursday night was the first night in a while that wasn’t unbearably cold, so we decided to skate the ledges at Flushing Meadows. Unfortunately just after we were starting to get warmed up, the police rolled by and kicked us out. (which doesn’t happen often, but it was around 11 o’clock and the park closes at 9pm) Here’s a few tricks that went down.” – Joey G. The song is Cool Kids – 88.