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The Uptown Hustle PRail Jam

March 27, 2012

Date: Sunday, April 1st 2012
Time: Register at 1:00PM. Starts at 2:00PM
Fee: $5.00 to enter
Location: Allerton Skatepark Bronx, NY

Steven Sin & Chris Hall Edit

July 26, 2011

Featuring Steven Sin and Chris Hall representing Flatline Skate shop. Filmed and edited by Carlos Montenegro.

I Roll NY X Flatline Skate Shop

September 21, 2009

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Due to the fourth annual Last Man Standing’s huge attendance, all of my personal inventory has been sold out. Luckily Flatline Skate shop, NYC’s one and only shop located in the Bronx, NY is carrying the new I Roll NY tees and is now your only place to get the exclusive line. There is only a limited stock from sizes small – extra large so get one while you can. Flatline does accept online orders through paypal for those that can’t purchase one instore. Get all the information and specs you need after the jump.

Summer Heat Footage by: Skeptic Media

July 12, 2009

Navin Hardyal of Skeptic Media just put up his captured footage from yesterday’s Flatline skateshop competition, Summer Heat. Check out what you missed and all the sick tricks that went down on the vaious box setups that were setup at the Allerton skatepark.

Thanks to Navin

Sneak Peak from Summer Heat

July 11, 2009

Today a lot of sick tricks, pro skaters, and new products were revealed at today’s Summer Heat competition in Allerton skatepark in the Bronx, NY. Dre Powell, Mike Johnson, Rachard Johnson along with all the NYC pros came to the Bronx to support Flatline’s efforts. Evan Grimball also premiered his own line of shirts, also seen above. Angelo Ferrer and his wife Layla handed out copies of the Art of Rolling issues 1-4 on CD and on paper as well as taking portraits of almost everyone with skates on their feet. As for I Roll NY we personally handed out stickers to all the attendees and had the new design on an american apparel v-neck shirt. They’ll be available soon. As for the competition Jose Henriques took first place in the Advanced division. A big congratulations to Jose along with PJ who took second place as well as Evan Grimball who took third. Alex Nunez took best trick with a negative acid down the Skeptic Media box. More coverage of the event will be coming soon. If you have any pictures or any edits from today check out our Submit your New page to get yourself featured!

Thanks to Malik.

Flatline Skateshop Competition Today

July 11, 2009

The Flatline skateshop competition aka “Summer Heat” will be going on today in Allerton Skatepark in the Bronx, NY starting at 12pm. There will be three divisions: beginner, intermediate, and advanced with a $5 entrance fee. More information at the Flatline myspace page. Hope to see you there today.

Art of Rolling Issue 4

July 8, 2009

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Angelo Ferrer releases his latest issue of Art of Rolling Issue 4 which features almost everyone in our New York City area. Taking on contributing writers, advertisers, photographers, designers and featuring articles on names such as Alex Nunez, The Cortez brothers, and Ramelle Knight, with spot checks on almost every well known skatepark in NYC Art of Rolling is jam packed with everything you could ever ask out of a magazine. This issue is a high quality download so the size is a bit bigger than usual but it’s well worth the wait of downloading. The content and pictures in issue 4 is definitly something that you will want to read and peek at more than once. I personally plan on printing out my own version because issue 4 is truly amazing. Congrats to Angelo and Layla, along with the contributing writers, designers and photographers, on all their hard work. As well, I Roll NY has two advertisements in this issue giving a closer look into the new shirts which will be released. Download Art of Rolling issue 4 here or click the cover pic above.

Thanks to Christen Cofer

Flatline Skateshop Competition July 11th

June 13, 2009

Rob from Flatline skate shop in the Bronx, NY gave me a call last week letting me know about a competition he was throwing for the summer. The commercial for the Summer Heat contest was recently put up giving out all the basic info you will need to compete and attend. Check it out above. Summer Heat will take place Saturday, July 11th, 12pm, at Allerton skatepark in the Bronx, NY. There will be three divisions beginner, intermediate, and advanced with a $5 entrance fee. More information at the Flatline myspace page. Hope to see you there.

Malik Ashby: Goodbye CH1 Online Edit

June 2, 2009

This edit has been a long time coming but due to the issues within the company I didn’t get a chance to put the video up until now. Malik Ashby submits his pre-deshi carbon edit where he sessions the infamous Glory Ledges on 44th street with a guest appearance by, Stephanie Nills (sorry if I mispelled your name.) Malik makes hitting the top ledge look like light work with his full cab and zero spin tricks linked together with his lines on the bottom ledge. Malik is also recovering from an ankle injury which happened after this edit but he’s been seen skating and will be back to 100% soon. Jeffrey Mateo has also featured Malik in his latest edit which I’ll have up soon, but right now I’m playing catch up. If you’d like the location of these ledges check out the I Roll NY spot check for directions and the best time to skate there. As well, I Roll NY always accepts video/photo/news submissions to our site so just check out the “Submit Your News!” link on the top right menu to get yourself on here.

John Stephens Online Edit by: Evotek Media Group

March 25, 2009

      HD version here

The guys over at Evotek Media Group created another great edit featuring Bronx, NY’s very own John Stephens. You can see John rocking the new Rollerblade Solo’s in these clips and he kills it with his wall ride to topsoul line. If you’re feeling the music you can thank owner Craig Benabu. “I filmed this a few weeks ago with John over in the Bronx around the Yankee stadium area. It was John’s first day out skating with the RB solo’s. Angelo Ferrer came through and took some pics which are on John’s Myspace page as well as Angelo’s website.” – Chris Cofer (Evotek Media