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Night Blading with USD’s Billy O’Neill

May 10, 2011

A few nights shredding in the Oakland, CA area. Lights/Camera: Mike Torres. Action: Billy O’Neill. Edit: Mike Torres. Help: Matty Schrock, Mikey Peluso, John Bolino, and Chris Daffick.

LRNY Session 2 Edit

April 17, 2010

Lets Roll New York session 2 took place at Owl’s Head skatepark in Brooklyn, NY. Gabriel Gonzalez was there and caught a couple of big tricks that went down. The edit features Dave Lang, Billy O’Niell, James, Perez, Trevor Johnson, Jose Disla, Jon Gillen and more. Filmed and edited by Gabriel Gonzalez.

Billy O’Neill Blazing Through South America Interview Via The Conference

April 1, 2010

Earlier in the year Fish did some touring in South America with Demetrios George and photographer Jeremy “Jero” Stephenson. The Conference posted a brief interview with Billy to get his thoughts on the recent tour. Read the interview below.

Brooklyn Banks Jam Photos with Demetrios George and Billy O’Neill

January 31, 2010

Demetrios George – Topsoul. Photo: Cesar Macay

Billy O’Neill – Crossgrab Air. Photo: Cesar Macay

Demetrios George – BS Royale. Photo: Cesar Macay

Last week was the Save the Brooklyn Banks jam hosted by Fuse TV where bikers, boarders, and bladers came out to show their support for New York City’s history. USD Pro riders Billy O’Neill and Demetrios George came out to show their love for NYC and Cesar Macay captured a few photos from last weekend’s event. Check the pics above. All photos by Cesar Macay.

Jay-Z’s Young Forever Music Video Reedit

December 24, 2009

Unfortunately this is not the official release for Jay-Z’s newest music video. This is a reedit created by Razors videographer Brazillionaire. The reedit consists of inserts featuring Billy O’Neill, Mike Johnson, Julian Bah, Dre Powell, Stefan Horn, Don Bambrick and other Razors team member. The skating footage is such a great addition to the song and video so I wanted to post it up for all to see…besides it features Fish skating in NYC so I have an excuse!

Billy O’Neil Photo from Be-Mag Issue 34

December 10, 2009

Click to enlarge

Be-Mag has released a few sneak peak photos of their upcoming issue. Issue 34 will include a Matthias Ogger Interview, Oli Short Interview, Michael Garlinghouse Profile, Rolling Artist: Ryan Schude, Roskilde Sessions, catching up with Jeph Howard and much more. On the NYC side of things Billy O’Neil is featured in the Soul Stealing section with a 180 (I think) over the bank featured above. See more sneak peaks from Be-Mag issue 34 here.


Create Originals Xtreme Wheels Edit

December 3, 2009

“The Create Originals co-owners took the 8 hour drive trip out to the “Rolling Rumble” contest that went down at Xtreme Wheels skate park in Buffalo, New York last Sunday. We arrived at Buffalo late Saturday night and decided since Niagara Falls was only 10 minutes away that it was to close not to visit the next day. Our trip to one of the worlds natural wonders was on a misty day so visibility wasn’t as great as it could have been but it was still an amazing site. We then headed to the skate park where we were welcomed by one of the owners Virginia who could not have been more hospitable and she’s is also extremely down for skating. Her family runs the only park in town which basically keeps the Buffalo skate scene alive during the cold winter months. After greetings from the staff and locals and a tour of the immense facility, we set up the goods and spent the day watching the comp go down and explaining the product to the eager and curious locals. After the contest wrapped up and we gave away some frames to the winners, we decided to get some quick clips before immediately heading on our way back to Boston. This edit features all 3 co-owners, Billy O’Neill, Brian Lewis, and Hakeem Jimoh late night at the skate park” – Create Originals.

Rolling Rumble 5 Photos in The Buffalo News

November 30, 2009

Billy O’Neil Photos By: Derek Gee.

Xtreme Wheels Skatepark has been featured in The Buffalo News website where they feature photos of Billy O’Neil and Eric Hallimen skating the park with a brief description of the competition. Check out all the photos at The Buffalo News website. Thanks to Virgina Clark of Xtreme Wheels for the heads up.

Billy O’Neill USD Pro UFS Throne Skate Promo

November 28, 2009

Just in time for the holiday season, Create Originals releases their online edit for Billy O’Neil’s second pro USD skate. Fish also provided some information on his skate “I chose a white skate because white skates look good and clean and the UFS Thrones skates are the best for me. The new heel plate gives the skates a bit less weight but the main thing for me is the much slimmer look. The frames are Create Originals and its the first time our frame is being featured on a pro skate. The “I fish NY” logo is a tribute to the city I grew up in. We tried to get Street Artist wheels on them, but due to problems with the wheel manufacturer, we were unable to do so this time around because they couldn’t arrive in time. All in all, its a top notch skate that slides perfect on everything and skates tough. Buy em!” – Billy O’Neill

Billy O’Neil Pro Skate Promo

November 13, 2009

The Conference has officially announced the arrival of the newest Billy O’Neil pro skate. The promotional online commercial shows all of the features of the new skate in detail and mixes it up with some of Fish’s best clips of the year. Personally I think this is one of the best pro skate promos done so far by the conference. The new Billy O’Neil skates will be available all over around the holiday season. Support New York!