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New USD Bambrick Carbons & Pianowski VII’s

August 29, 2011

First look at the new USD Don Bambrick Carbon 2’s and the Carlos Pianowski USD VII’s.


Vibralux “Charging” Night Trailer

January 26, 2011

First trailer from the Vibralux tour video, Charging, featuring Michael Collins, Sean Kelso, Don Bambrick, Michael Garlinghouse, Billy O’Neill, Brian Freeman, John Bolino, Chris Farmer, and Alex Broskow.

First Look at the Don Bambrick Razors SL’s and Rollerblade Clear Skates

May 10, 2010

Check out the first look at the new Razors Don Bambrick SL’s and the new TRS clear skates. The Bambricks feature a navy blue shell and cuff along with a new Razors liner. The new TRS’s include a clear shell and cuff. More details when both skates are officially released.

Jay-Z’s Young Forever Music Video Reedit

December 24, 2009

Unfortunately this is not the official release for Jay-Z’s newest music video. This is a reedit created by Razors videographer Brazillionaire. The reedit consists of inserts featuring Billy O’Neill, Mike Johnson, Julian Bah, Dre Powell, Stefan Horn, Don Bambrick and other Razors team member. The skating footage is such a great addition to the song and video so I wanted to post it up for all to see…besides it features Fish skating in NYC so I have an excuse!