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Fall Edit 2011

December 10, 2011

“A bunch of random clips I filmed throughout the spring with clips from Harold Vivas, Sean Agoliati, Crazy Pat, Jim Koenig, Andy Feliciano and Dom Blanchard” – Chris Kolodziej.

Freeze Fame: Sam DeAngelis

May 25, 2011

“As spring reared it’s head around an ugly winter in the Tri-State, I took the first available opportunity to start shooting street again. On a beautiful weekend in May I gathered some of New York’s finest to blade some untouched spots hidden within the clutter of Northern New Jersey. After a long day of filming, we ended the day with a stop at the infamous Seton Hall University. With a campus like Fort Knox, I was surprised how quickly I convinced the gaurs at the front gate that the caravan behind me was simply there to explore the facility. After shredding the mellow kinked handi-rail I noticed OG Dom Blanchard lacing this intensely acrobatic Lui Kang 540. Dom states, “I’ve been skating since I was like 11 yrs old. I’ll be 30 in July. I’m from the Ryan Jacklone era of NYC. When you could show up the brooklyn banks and see Rawlinson Rivera, Victor Calendar, Joe Dedentro, Jon Ortiz, and Dave Ortega skating.” With experience and years of conditioning it was a pleasure to shoot with Blanchard. After a couple of tries we landed this shot at a focal length of 50mm. My Canon T2i was set at F4 with an exposure of 1/160. I had two strobes placed on Dom’s Lui Kang 540. One to the left and another tucked in a bush to the lower right” – Sam DeAngelis.

New York City / New Jersey Edit

May 17, 2011

Shot in two days of skating featuring spots in NJ and NYC. Featuring skating from Crazy Pat, Trent Olans, Dom Blanchard, Mikey Roman, Montre Livingston and Chris Kolodziej.

Tri-State Skate Team & Friends Edit

June 1, 2010

Check the edit of some of the Tri-State Skate team and friends having fun and shredding some ramps on a random Wednesday in late May. Featuring shop riders Sean Agoliati, Dan Fabiano, and Jesus Medina along with friends Chris Kolodziej, Dom Blanchard and TSS owner Greg Keiffer. Filmed by Dan Fabiano and Greg Kieffer. Edited by Dan Fabiano.

Behind The Scenes: Monday Night at Drop-In Skatepark

February 18, 2010

Adonis Taylor sneaks in another Behind The Scenes edit this time featuring a couple of clips from a Drop-In Skatepark session. “We’re officially in Hillburn, New York at Drop In Skatepark, home of blader owned and operated, Tri-State Skate Shop. Bladers generally hold a Monday night skate during the winter months. Joining this session is cess-slide guru, Chris Kolodziej and style veteran, Dom Blanchard” – Adonis Taylor.