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Signature Montage

December 3, 2010

“Signature DVD released in Feb 2010. This montage features John Bolino, Dan Breuer, Crazy Pat Bernat and more. Watch how close Pat came to hitting his head with a low overhang in this section. Thanks to John Bolino and Alf for introducing me to The Cramps” – Jason Staine.

iMagyneThat “Fitted” Trailer + Kickstart Project

October 24, 2010

“I created the featured film “Fitted” in order to show how everyone even outside of rollerblading uses this trend of fashionable head wear to represent their style of character and where they come from. I’m not a fan of baseball but for some reason when my baseball team is winning I feel proud to be living in the town that they play for. Rollerbladers share this unity for where they come from by wearing a Fitted. I have chosen 6 of some of the most talented Rollerbladers from New York to Baltimore to New Jersey to represent Fitted. I dream of continuing my travels to other locations/states in order to help grow a variety of footage for the video. I kindly ask you guys and everyone around the world that views this trailer, please help fund our project in order for us to release this entertaining film we call “Fitted”. Check the details here at our link on for fundraising options. We appreciate your time and hope that you would want to take part.”

Last Man Standing 2010 Pro Competition

August 29, 2010

“August 28th 2010 has now come and gone….But nonetheless it was a remarkable weekend for me. This day is known for the Last Man Standing Pro Competition held in Upper West Manhattan at a spot that many do not skate for fun called The Pit. The Pit is a good area because the residents nor police bother rollerbladers at all. One thing is for sure though, The Pit is not a session spot but a very dangerous spot that has tested many. On this day a fellow New York Roller and friend was injured when he crossed the path of the last spot on this day. Recover well and soon Jesus Medina. (more…)

Signature DVD Official Trailer #2

April 15, 2010

“The Signature DVD is out in shops everywhere. Pick up your copy and get hyped up to roll today. Features the best from the Beast Coast… Alex Nunez, Jeff Dalnas, Mark Wojda, Tim Franken, John Bolino, Franco Cammayo, Billy O’niell, Dan Breuer, Ryan Many, “Crazy” Pat Bernat and many many more. – Jason Staine.