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Freeze Fame: Ryan Loewy #2

September 7, 2011

“On a rather warm night back in February, I headed downtown towards the infamous marble ledges to meet up with friends Dave Ngo, Joey Rojas, and a few others. As typical NYC sessions go, the numbers would soon rise and I found myself in a larger group of rollerbladers, some of which I didn’t know. After being kicked out of marble we headed over to the Chase ledge, where one of the unfamiliar faces in the group caught my eye by trying a back royale to pole bonk out. I soon learned that it was Dan Bradham of Long Island. He had a few more goes at it before getting tired of it and headed over to these smaller rails. I decided to set up my flash at camera left so that the reflections on the steps would lead you right to him, and using a slower shutter speed to create more of a blur. Dan started off with a royale for warm up, then a backslide to stir the pot, and then ended it with a nice front savannah that you see here” – Ryan Loewy.

Big Apple Montage 2011

April 23, 2011

Featuring Ryan Smith, Mikey Roman, Mike Fischer, Anthony Soto, Austin Croteau, Sal Zaso, Dave Lang, Will Chan, Dan Bradham, Sean Grossman, Shawn Gradilone, Neil Diskin, James Perez, Franco Cammayo, Trevor Johnson, Nick Orena, Chris Murphy, and Alex Nunez. Filmed and edited by Sean Grossman.

Dan Bradham Snow Clips

February 6, 2011

“Dan Bradham aka Chocolate Milk Dan aka Danger Milk and myself went skating during the aftermath of the great blizzard of ’11. Most spots were too covered to skate but others were uniquely charmed with the addition of the snow. The soft powdery stuff added a new level of fun to bland old spots. Unfortunately I only had my cellphone and decided to film only monkey ledges. All the snow piled on the floor made the actual leap to the ledge quite a feat to conquer, a rather large disaster to ledge. Dan managed to royale the ice covered edge beautifully” – Dave Ngo.

Peep Game Montage 1

February 2, 2011

“First montage from my online video. Music by David Bowie. Shot on DVX100B. Skaters include Ryan Smith, Anthony Soto, Justin Brasco, Brian Pina, Bobby Sullivan, Bobby Reichel, Chris Murphy, Pat Irwin, Alex Nunez, Pat Bernet, Nick Orena, Phil Weaver, Dan Bradham, Joey Graziano, and Damian Michalski” – Sean Grossman.

Three in One Dan Bradham Edit

July 29, 2010

Check the edit of Dan Brandham from Long Island, NY skating a few NYC spots in Harlem and the curved ledges in Wantagh Park, Long Island. Filmed by Alex Lopez. Edited by Dan Bradham.“All of this footage was shot over a few days back in May. A couple spots in Harlem and the best curved ledges ever in Wantagh park” – Dan Bradham.

Dan Bradham Wantagh Park Photos

July 24, 2010

Mike Fisher – Zero Fishbrain

Check out some photos from a session in the wantagh park area of Long Island, NY taken by Dan Brandham. Skaters include Sean Grossman, Bobby Reichel, Mike Fisher, Bobby Sullivan and Nick Orena. Check out all the photos of the wantagh park ledge session below. All photos by Dan Bradham. You can see more of Dan’s photos on his flickr page.

Maloof Skate Plaza Edit

July 17, 2010

Check the latest edit featuring skating from Will Sorto, Ramelle Knight, Anthony Soto, Anthony Velez, Glenn Jersey, Dan Bradham, Trevor Johnson, Sal Zaso, Sean Grossman, Steve Cortez and Paul Cortez skating the Maloof skate plaza in Queens, NY. Filmed by Sal Zaso, Anthony Velez, and Sean Grossman. Edited by Sean Grossman.

The “Christmas” Edit

January 3, 2010

Sean Grossman from Long Island, NY creates a holiday edit from his ’09 footage. Featuring skating from Ryan Smith, Joey Graziano, Bobby Reichel, Jeff Mateo, Sean Grossman, James Mandato, Angelo Ferrer, Shawn Gradilone, Dan Bradham, Pat Irwin, Anthony Soto, Ben Guarino, and Jeremiah Dougherty. “Made a little montage for the holiday because I have so much footage that I’ve been saving for a video that I have been slacking on.. Well heres a little present for all my friends” – Sean Grossman.

Long Island Photos By: Glenn Jersey

August 21, 2009

Bobby Reichel – BS Royale to BS royale to drop in Photo: Glenn Jersey (Click to enlarge)

Glenn Jersey is a great photographer out of Long Island, NY who’s stepping up and representing his part of New York. About a week ago Glenn sent an email asking why there wasn’t much coverage of Long Island on I Roll NY and I simply answered, no one from LI submitted any content yet. Taking the opportunity that was presented into his own hands, Glenn sent me some amazing pictures all out of the Long Island area showcasing their local spots and talented bladers. Check out Glenn’s sick photos featuring Joey G, Dan Bradham, and Neil Diskin after the jump. I want to say thanks to Glenn for taking advantage of what I Roll NY has to offer. I hope more people follow his lead and i’m sure we’ll see more work from Glenn in the future.