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Dan Barnes 2011 Mini View

January 11, 2012

“Short little edit from footage crica 2011-2010. Filmed and edited in Buffalo, NY by Ricky Coster” – Dan Barnes.

Dan Barnes Park Edit

June 23, 2011

Clips of Dan skating X-Wheels skatepark in Buffalo, NY. Filmed/edited by Ricky Coster.

ONE Video Rochester, NY – Submissions

April 24, 2011

“Here is an edit I put together in January of 2009. All of this footage was filmed for the ONE Magazine blade video which was produced and directed by Conner O’Brien, and released in December, 2008. The edit was only made for the eyes of my friends in the WNY scene, so they could see the clips we filmed in an edit since not all of them made it into the ONE Video. The edit was then released as a last minute bonus feature on “The Best of” DVD which was released and distributed at the 2009 Bitter Cold Showdown in Royal Oak, MI” – Mike Torres. Featuring Steve Bruning, Dan Barnes, Tim Adams, Grant Hazelton, Chris Walker, and Mike Torres.

Buffalo 2010 Dan Barnes Section

February 20, 2011

Dan Barnes section from the online video Buffalo 2010.

Online Video “Buffalo 2010” Intro

February 19, 2011

“Intro to my online video Buffalo 2010.. all the footage I captured while skating Buffalo, NY this past year.. featuring Josh Marlinski, Dan Barnes, Ricky Coster, Chris Parwluski, Kyle Bartlett, and many more” – Ricky Coster.

Dan Barnes “Tricks” Profile

January 26, 2011

The Dan Barnes section from the DVD “Tricks” Produced by Dave Poe. Circa ’06-’07.

Dan Barnes Razors Flow Buffalo, NY

December 17, 2010

Featuring Dan Barnes of Buffalo, NY.

Nick DeMarchi ONE Photo Journal #3

September 30, 2010

“This bank to ledge is under a bridge overpass, and on a windy day skating to the ledge is like skating through a wind tunnel head on. So the plan was to get there on a day where the wind coming right off the lake about 200 yards away was minimal. Turns out the day Dan called me to go there and shoot the wind was not an issue, but traffic was. After waiting and waiting and a few attempts we got the shot. The light was pretty harsh, and the angle of the sun put the ledge in shade but left all the grass in direct sun, so I had to get a lot of juice out of the flashes to match exposures. With two flashes about three feet apart that covered lighting Dan and the ledge, and a third under the bridge featherd slightly so the bridge didn’t fall into darkness, you see the shot we ended up with” – Nick DeMarchi.


Slash & Dash The Arizona 2010 Documentary

September 2, 2010

It’s about that time again when the Rochester, NY crew shows the online world their yearly trip to Arizona. This year the ROC boys bring NYC’s Austin Paz and Buffalo, NY’s Dan Barnes. “3rd Annual Arizona trip featuring Mike Torres, Austin Paz, Dan Birch, Tim Adams, Steve Bruning, Dan Barnes, Mike Welland, Jason Reyna, Neil Diskin, Gary Murphy, Grant Hazelton, Casey McFarland, James Johnson, and Justin Brasco. Filmed/Edited by Mike Torres” – Revolution Skate.

Dan Barnes Be-Mag Profile

May 29, 2010

Ben Murphey of Be-Mag posted up an in-depth interview of Buffalo, NY’s Dan Barnes. See the full interview where Dan talks about the western New York scene and his thoughts on blading below.

My name is Dan Barnes, I’m 23 years old from Buffalo, NY. Current sponsor is Razors and I’ve been skating for 13 years.