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Connor Kenrick 2016

April 7, 2017

Screenshot (41) copy

“This was mainly filmed in Rochester, New York, but a portion of it was filmed on a couple of trips to the Washington, D.C/ Northern Virginia area during 2016. It was shot by Grant Hazleton, Marissa Meehan, Kyle Bartlett and Kurt Rose, and was edited by Allen Thorogood” – Connor Kenrick.

Connor Kenrick 2015

February 20, 2016

Filmed over the course of 2015 in Rochester, New York, Maryland, and Virginia. Filmed by Trey Roberts, Kyle Bartlett, Lucas Driscoll, AJ Pow, Marissa Meehan, Kurt Rose. Edited by Kurt Rose.

Connor Kenrick 2012

February 8, 2013

Filmed by Kurt Rose, Kyle Bartlett, Lorne Ashford, Drew Kenrick and Allen Thorogood. Edited by Allen Thorogood.

Connor Kenrick 2011

January 16, 2012

Goodbye Summer Rochester Edit

November 8, 2011

“This could possibly be the last “nice” street sesh rochester ny will see untill next year. This was all filmed on Oct 23. 2011. Filming & cut by Kyle b. Featuring skating from Connor Kenrick, Andy Pieri, Bryan Weise & Grant” – Kyle Bartlett.

Connor Kenrick KuKu? X I Roll NY Contest Entry

July 21, 2011

Fourth submission for the KuKu? X I Roll NY online edit contest. Featuring Connor Kenrick. There’s only a few more edits left. Get your votes in!

USD X I Roll NY Contest Winners + Bonus Entry

March 2, 2011

Congratulations to Connor Kenrick the medium prize package winner and Lonnie Pearson the large prize package winner! Thank you to everyone who entered the USD X I Roll NY online edit contest. Every edit was done very well and the skating was great making the judging very difficult, leaving the decision based on technicalities in each category. In the medium category all entries went over the one minute mark but Connor’s was the closest and showed the most determination as his edit was filmed in the snow. In the large category, unfortunately Joseph Lunger’s edit did not feature any promotion for I Roll NY which every other entry managed to include in theirs. Sam DeAngelis’ entry was unfortunately over 2 minutes long and was also a late entry in the contest. Again, thank you to everyone who participated. Check out the bonus entry below by James Mandato. James’ edit was unfortunately sent in 2 days too late for the contest. Stay tuned for the next big contest held by I Roll NY!

Connor Kenrick USD X I Roll NY Contest Entry

February 24, 2011

Connor Kenrickā€™s entry for the USD X I Roll NY contest competing for the medium package. Filmed by Stefan Brandow. Edited by Allen Thorogood.

USD X I Roll NY Top Contenders

February 21, 2011

The USD X I Roll NY online contest has come to an end. Thank you to everyone who submitted their edit for entry. There are six top contenders for the prizes provided by USD and I Roll NY. Each edit will be posted daily and you, the site viewers, will have a chance to chime in and persuade the judges with your thoughts on who should win. Final judging is left to I Roll NY and USD. The six top contenders are Mikey Roman, Connor Kenrick, Jordan Baez, Lonnie Pearson, Joseph Lunger, and Sam DeAngelis. Stay tuned to see the entries!

Connor Kenrick 2010 Profile

October 26, 2010

Featuring Connor Kenrick from Rochester, NY filmed over the Summer 2010.