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Shock Interview: Joey Graziano

June 18, 2009

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If you don’t know who Joey Graziano, aka Joey G, is by now then you’re not paying attention. Joey G, one owner of Casualty clothing, has been interviewed by Tommy Boy of Mr. Tommy Boy emailed me personally to let me know about the interview with Joey. This isn’t your typical boring interview. It provides a lot of laughs and insight into the Casualty brand and gives a few start up tips on how to get started with making clothes. Don’t believe me? Here’s one of the many funny questions and answers from the interview.

In Home Alone part 1 Kevin saves the household all by himself. Do you think Kevin is a little bitch for not being an NRA member and just shooting those motherfucking robbers?

He had to set up all those stupid traps when he could of just blasted larry in the face and jacked that other hoe-made bitch-ass robber.

To read more of the article, check it out here. Besides the comedic Q and A there’s also some pretty sweet pics taken by local photographer, Josh Diaz. Also as a bonus, here’s Joey G’s edit reposted below for all to see the Long Island, NY native represent.

      HD version here