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CJ Wellsmore Seba Tour USA

November 5, 2012

After few days in Paris and few days in Moscow, here we go to NYC ! (CJ Wellsmore, Miriam & myself (Anthony Finocchiaro ) We went there for 3 reasons, the first one was the New York Battle (B.Oneil invitational), the second was to make some pictures in this awesome city and the third one was to test the latest prototypes of CJ promodel street skates. It was a long time since I came here, and I was still amazed by the city which never sleeps. CJ is not a “Broadway movie star”, but as soon as we started walking in the main streets, we were approached by a guy “Hey ! CJ Wellsmore !!??” and this happened few times during our trip ! Weird !

The Second Annual NYC Street Invitational

September 24, 2012

Providing full coverage from the very beginning of the first heat of the first round, to the very end of the finals. I Roll NY presents, the second annual NYC Street Invitational.

Youtube / Mobile version after the jump. (more…)

Second Annunal NYC Street Invite Results

September 22, 2012

First Place: John Bolino
Second Place: Erik Bailey
Third Place: Nick Lomax
Fourth Place: Tim Franken
Fifth Place: CJ Wellsmore

NYC Street Invitational Results: Alex Broskow Takes 1st Place!

August 20, 2011

Photos/Design: Hillel Dov

The NYC Street Invitational went down today and a ton of hammers and tech tricks have been added to NYC’s history. A big thank you goes out to Billy O’Neill, Daniel Kinney, the Barnel Heights Collective, Create Originals and all of the other sponsors for making today happen. From all of the top rated pros that were in attendance today only one could come out on top and take the majority of the $10,000 prize money. Alex Broskow stepped up to the challenge and took first as CJ Wellsmore and David Sizemore came in a close second and third place. Thanks to photographer Hillel Dov for capturing each competitors big tricks including Broskow’s 540 wallride, CJ Wellsmore’s royale transfer savannah, and Sizemore’s 360 acid.

NYC Street Invitational Results:
First Place: Alex Broskow
Second Place: CJ Wellsmore
Third Place: David Sizemore
Fourth Place: Chris Haffey
Fifth Place: Brian Aragon
Sixth Place: Franco Cammayo
Seventh Place: Erik Bailey
Eight Place: Adrien Anne
Ninth Place: Dave Lang
Tenth Place: Mark Wojda