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Behind the Scenes of Bitter Cold Show Down 2011

March 3, 2011

“These are just a few pics i shot with my small camera at BCSD 2011. mostly behind the scenes stuff. Our focus this year wasnt pictures but video documentation of the trip from sort of a behind the scenes perspective.The evotek crew as well as part of the Dipskate/GK crew drove out to BCSD from new york and documented as much as we possibly could. I also took some 35mm stills out there but just like the 35mm stills from BCSD 2009 i wont be getting them developed anytime soon. What can i say film is great to shoot but expensive to develop. enjoy these few pics that i selected out of the bunch and stay tuned for the video coverage” – Christen Cofer.

EvoTek Yearbook Photos Volume 2

February 20, 2011

Trevor Johnson – Topacid. This photo was taken at the Why So Serious comp back in September 2008 during warm ups.

Second installment of the photo series from Christen Cofer. You can see the first set previously posted here. Check out all the photos below. Words and pics by Christen Cofer.

EvoTek Yearbook Photos Volume 1

January 15, 2011

Check out the new photo series from Christen Cofer bringing you some never before seen pictures from the EvoTek crew. “Between myself and other members of the Evotek crew there are alot of never before seen behind the scenes photos that we had taken over the years. i personally have a volt of photos that have yet to see the light of i took when i went out filming or to an event like LMS.These photos may not necessarily hold much significance for the Rollerblading scene as a whole but definitely myself and perhaps the people in the photos. I wanted to share them and maybe bring back some memories for some people. I plan on releasing a handful of photos each month. Most of these photos were taken by either myself or Adonis Taylor” – Christen Cofer. Check out the photos below.

New Years Eve Roll and Rage Best Trick Edit + Photos from Evotek Media

January 4, 2011

The EvoTek Media Group held a $100 best trick contest the night of the Roll and Rage new years eve party. A lot of big tricks went down leaving two NYC skaters in a one on one battle. James Perez and Evan Grimball went trick for trick where only one came out victorious. Check the edit up top to see some of the night’s events along with the battle. Photographer Christen Cofer also caught a few a photos of the party/battle. Check them out below.

I Roll NY Three Year Anniversary Party Photos

December 20, 2010

Friday Night December 17th was the I Roll NY three year anniversary party. Thank you to all of the sponsors that provided prizes and all of the NYC, Colombian, and Irish skaters that came out to join in on the festivities. There were a ton of prizes, three different DVD premieres, and free photos for all. Check out the pictures from the party taken by Christen Cofer below.

AOR Print Issue Release Party Photos + Edit

December 15, 2010

Sunday afternoon was the release party of the Art of Rolling’s first officially printed issue. There was a great turnout with a ton of bladers in attendance and a photo gallery of AOR’s past featured pics.

Check out the edit up top and the photos from the release party below. All photos by Christen Cofer. (more…)

OG Rollers Night & Rob G Skate Release Party Pics by Christen Cofer

November 7, 2010

Check out more photos from the massive party that went down Thursday night at Billy Hurricanes for Robert Guerrero’s first pro skate release. See the whos of who NYC blading that came out to show their support. All photos by Christen Cofer.

Last Man Standing Behind the Scenes Photos

August 31, 2010

Rah the MC controlling the crowd

This year’s fifth annual Last Man Standing has had an overwhelming amount of media coverage on all of the big tricks that went down during the contest. Photographer Christen Cofer captured all of the behind the scenes action that was going on in the crowd and with the competing skaters. Check out all the photos below.

Lets Roll NY Session 14 Photos

August 9, 2010

Lets Roll NY session 14 went down last Wednesday in the Washington Heights area of Manhattan, NY. The pit was the chosen location of last week’s session giving everyone a sneak peak of whats to come during the Last Man Standing competition this year. Check out the photos from last week’s session taken by Christen Cofer below.

Spot Light: Ocean Parkway

August 6, 2010

Ocean parkway is a huge avenue in Brooklyn, NY covered in low straight rails that seem to go on forever. On avenue N and Ocean parkway there is a natural launch made from the broken up sidewalk making it that much more fun to skate the never ending rails. Adonis Taylor put together this edit featuring some of the best tricks from last year and earlier this year that went down featuring Yannes Sootes, James Perez, Sean Agoliati, Dylan Welter & Andrew Chiu. Filmed by Adonis Taylor, Christen Cofer, and Craig Benabu. Edited by Adonis Taylor.