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Chris Haffey X Wake Schepman Nitro Circus Clips

January 9, 2014

SPOTTED: Chris Haffey New York to California

October 5, 2011

Thanks to Chris Haffey for rocking his New York Rollers hat. “12 tricks in 12 states while driving from New York to California” – Chris Haffey.

World Rolling Series Promo

February 4, 2010

Check the trailer/edit/recap of the WRS ’09. This edit premiered a few months ago but then was taking down and now has been uploaded with additional footage including our Last Man Standing competition in NYC. “The World Rolling Series (WRS) has been created to unite the freestyle inline skate community by teaming with established Professional and Amateur events/organizations worldwide, creating a ranking system that will set a defining line between the individual levels of talent within the sport, developing a structured series of professional events, maintaining the integrity of the culture, and focusing on promotion and increased participation. The WRS ensures a higher standard and emphasis on the talent and promotion of the sport while increasing the sports size, strength, and recognition everywhere” – WRS.

I Roll NY Supporter Ivan Narez: Shred Til You’re Dead Part 2

December 19, 2009

Yesterday was an amazing day in NYC. We had the Truth 2 premiere (pics up soon!) and Neil Diskin pointed out to me via the I Roll NY Facebook page that Ivan Narez, Shred Till You’re Dead director/videographer/editor was wearing the I Roll NY tee in part 2 of his online video release. It’s always great to see someone wearing the tee, especially when it’s on video, but to see it in Shred Till You’re Dead (and giving me a legitimate reason to post the video series here) is an honor. Thanks to Ivan for wearing the tee in his video and check out the sick skating in the video above. “Join Chris Haffey, Erik Bailey, Jeff Stockwell, Victor Arias, and Brandon Smith as they shred though a two-week, 3,000-mile tour of skate parks in Northern California, Oregon and Idaho. Burning through 200 pairs of socks, they sleep in tent cities, always keeping a vigilant eye out for Big-foot. – Ivan Narez.”

Flatline Skateshop Pro Signing Photos By: Drew Humphrey

October 6, 2009

Rob G and David Sizemore in front of Flatline Skateshop

The week of the fourth annual Last Man Standing contest, Flatline Skateshop was home to a memorable pro signing. What was just supposed to be a simple in and out event, turned into a session and a huge crowd that forced the local police to take notice and wonder what our large group was doing in front of the shop. Photographer Drew Humphrey caught some photos of the pro signing including some of your favorite pros rocking the I Roll NY tee which is now only available at Flatline Skateshop. Check out all of the photos after the jump.

Razors Podcast: Last Man Standing Official Edit

September 9, 2009

Razors has provided I Roll NY with fantastic coverage of last weekend’s LMS competition at the Brooklyn Banks. This is a definite must see. The edit features Dre Powell, Alex Nunez, Mathias Silhan, David Sizemore, Chris Haffey, Brian Shima, Billy O’neil, Franco Cammayo, Montre Livingston, and more killing every spot during the competition. Thanks to Brazil and Razors for the opening credit shout out! Filmed and edited by Brazilionaire.

A Weekend in New York By: Stefan Brandow

September 9, 2009

Last Man Standing Pro Round and Mark Wodja Fall Edit

September 7, 2009

Alex Buzell from Queens, NY provides I Roll NY with some great coverage of Saturday’s Last Man Standing competition. Alex caught a lot of the great tricks that went down in the first two pro rounds and caught Mark Wodja’s unfortunate fall from one of the first rounds in the pro division. The edit includes Montre Livingston, Robert Guerrero, David Sizemore, Franco Cammayo, Alex Nunez, Brian Shima, Jeremy Spira, Nick Wood, Billy O’Neil, Chauncey Jenkins, Trevor Johnson, James Perez, Tato Gonzales, Chris Haffey and others all shredding the Brooklyn Banks. Filmed and edited by Alex Buzell.

Art of Rolling Issue 5 Released! A History of Rollerblading in NYC! Special Art of Rolling X I Roll NY Discount Sale!

September 4, 2009

Click to view the Art of Rolling magazine

OK, this post has a lot of information that everybody needs to know about so make sure to click on the “Read the rest of the entry” link below. This is truly an exciting time for New York. Our LRNY sessions are getting major online attention, The biggest skate competition in New York is one day away, and now Angelo Ferrer and Layla Quinones drop the Art of Rolling issue 5! The issue can be summed up in one word: Perfect. Bursting with content, Issue 5 is filled with amazing pictures, coverage, and interviews from everyone in New York to even outside New Yorker’s like Chris Haffey. “This issue is a special old school/new school issue featuring old school pros Joe Dedentro, Kelly “Buttaz” Matthews, Jose Disla, Rawlinson Rivera, Ron Hunter, and new school pros Franco Cammayo, Chris Haffey, also featuring exclusive coverage of the Lets Roll sessions in NYC, and the Allerton Summer Heat competition in the Bronx. Don’t miss this issue because it’s one of the best ones out there! View the issue online here” – Angelo Ferrer. The issue has also been released in a flash format, that does not require a download, making it a very easy and enjoyable read. Issue 5 also provides a literal history of the NYC rolling scene which Angelo explains after the jump. This is a definite must read.

The Broski Tour: Mr. Smalls Extravaganza

August 14, 2009
View in HD

Yeah I know this doesn’t have much to do with New York but hey! there’s some Franco Cammayo footage in here so it gives me an excuse to post this sick edit that my friends in New Jersey put together. Filmer/Editor Jason Staine and his newly founded media company Rolling Film Media hit us with some great footage of their road trip from New Jersey to Pittsburgh for the Mr. Smalls Extravaganza and all their stops along the way. The trip alone seemed fun and then seeing the Mr. Smalls footage makes you extremely jealous that you didn’t attend the event. Luckily enough, as mentioned before, Franco represented for New York City and pulled some killer lines and transfers along with Brian Aragon, Montre Livingston, Chris Haffey and a few others that killed the park. NJ’s Tim Franken also shows off his steezy-ness (yeah that’s a word) along the way. Filmed and Edited by Jason Staine. Thanks to Tim for the submission.