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Malik Ashby: Goodbye CH1 Online Edit

June 2, 2009

This edit has been a long time coming but due to the issues within the company I didn’t get a chance to put the video up until now. Malik Ashby submits his pre-deshi carbon edit where he sessions the infamous Glory Ledges on 44th street with a guest appearance by, Stephanie Nills (sorry if I mispelled your name.) Malik makes hitting the top ledge look like light work with his full cab and zero spin tricks linked together with his lines on the bottom ledge. Malik is also recovering from an ankle injury which happened after this edit but he’s been seen skating and will be back to 100% soon. Jeffrey Mateo has also featured Malik in his latest edit which I’ll have up soon, but right now I’m playing catch up. If you’d like the location of these ledges check out the I Roll NY spot check for directions and the best time to skate there. As well, I Roll NY always accepts video/photo/news submissions to our site so just check out the “Submit Your News!” link on the top right menu to get yourself on here.

I Roll NY Exclusive*: Ben Schwab footwraps and Sean Kelso Glow in the dark USD’s

June 1, 2009

Ben Schwab prototype Xsjado footwraps (click to enlarge)

One of rollerblading’s most unique skaters, Ben Schwab, will be receiving his own footwrap from skate company, Xsjado, said to be released this summer. As you can see in the photo above the approach seems to be a more casual basic sneaker design that looks wearable outside of skating.

Sean Kelso prototype glow in the dark USD’s

In other prototype news, Sean Kelso originally posted a full boot picture of his USD prototype which is said to glow in the dark but then later changed it to this cropped version. It’s not for certain if the whole setup can glow in the dark but rumors are that only the cuff will be able to. As well, according to SK, via the be-mag messageboard, these will not be coming out anytime soon and it’s no surprise seeing as how most USD’s riders are currently skating the Deshi carbons.

* exclusive if you do not frequent the messageboards

Ramelle Knight Deshi Carbons Quick Session

March 19, 2009

Bronx, NY native, Ramelle Knight, recently uploaded an edit of himself sessioning one of the Bronx’s most famous spots with his new Deshi carbons. You can see a closer look at Ramelle’s previous custom setup above. The edit is filmed by John Stephens. “Aye, this is a quick video edit of me I put together while out skating shooting pics with Angelo Ferrer. Still cold in NY but I’m dealing with it a bit. When it gets Warm, I will be Making crazier Edits. Hope You Enjoy! Spread Love, Not Hate.” – Ramelle Knight

Photo: Craig Benabu