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James Perez “25” Brooklyn Banks Edit

October 13, 2016

“It was a project long over due. Terrence and I decided to sneak into the banks on the night of my birthday, and it was dope to be able to skate it and session it for dolo. Terrence and I had planned on doing it for a while but many factors, like cops, construction workers, and many booths where cops are stationed made it difficult, until the night of my Bday. Join us and watch what went down haha” – James Perez.

Brooklyn Banks History via Blading Info

May 31, 2012

Brian Shima – Fishbrain stall. Photo: Drew Amato

“The Brooklyn Banks in New York is one of the most famous spots in the world of extreme sports. Already in the mid 90’s the first generation jumped the stairs and worked on their first grinds. Over the years the spot, which is in front of a huge police station, became a legal street spot and some of the biggest real street events in blading, skateboarding and BMX took place at the banks.

But today the spot is un-skatable since its giving construction crews a staging area for trucks and equipment until 2014 during a four-year renovation of the Brooklyn Bridge. We spoke to some of the NY locals to find out how they feel about the situation…” –” Full articles at

Austin Paz about the Brooklyn Banks What does this spot mean to you?
This is one of the few spots I’ve seen people skating since before i started in the mid-90s. Every time I see or think of the banks, I see history. The Brooklyn Banks is the Madison Square Garden of skating. If you go to MSG, all over the place you can see huge pictures, portraits, and plaques of historical moments in sports that have happened in that arena throughout its existence, I always felt you could do the same thing at the banks.

Here’s Angelo Ferrer (The Art of Rolling) about the Brooklyn Banks. Best memories from the Banks?

One of my personal favorite moments at the Brooklyn Banks occurred when I was young and there was a huge NISS skate competition at south street seaport. I was very young at the time and was lucky to be unsupervised by my parent and joined the mob of skaters that flocked the Brooklyn Banks.
I remember at the time there being skaters from all over the world there. It was my grommet period in skating and I adored how all the pros I looked up to happen to be in one spot at the same time. For whatever reason the Brooklyn banks session stood out more to me than the competition that took place shortly before because everyone was putting in so much energy. It was great to see what normally I would only see on television take place right before my eyes.

Brooklyn Banks Present day. Photo: Ryan Loewy

Would you say it had an influence on your development as a rollerblader? (Franco Cammayo)
I think so. Provided the rugged layout, dirty unforgiving floors and raw obstacles in a place where it was easy to meet bladers from all over the five boroughs I think it embodied NY blading in a nutshell and it shaped my blading in terms of working with what the spot has, making old things into something new, creativity etc.

Would you say it had an influence on your development as a rollerblader? (I Roll NY)

The Brooklyn Banks definitely had an influence on my development as a rollerblader and I think it influenced almost everyone that was lucky enough to skate it. The Banks was one of the premiere spots in New York City to try out new tricks and perfect the ones you already had in your vocabulary. Not to mention it was the spot where all of the big tricks went down during most of NYC’s biggest competitions. The down rail was the perfect setup to get people juiced to try new tricks and when the bigger stair rails were put in, it was time to step it up and see what you could really do. The Brooklyn Banks was about 4-5 different spots all in one location and I think it helped a lot of bladers with their tricks and influenced them to try new ones.

Read the full articles here and here.


Brooklyn Banks Officially Closing

June 8, 2010

Well it looks like the Brooklyn Banks will be officially closing this year. The PDF sums up that the Banks will be closed off for the rehabilitation of the Brooklyn Bridge. The PDF also states that there will be a relocation of the skate obstacles around the area for a few months but that the whole area will eventually be closed off. Detailed look at the PDF here. “So it is happening now really. The Brooklyn Banks will be closing and will be re-modelled over the course of 4 years. All the protests and the sessions couldn’t stop this day. So farewell Brooklyn Banks” – Rolling Updates.


Lets Roll NY Session 1 Edit

April 18, 2010

Yesterday we got a look at the second LRNY session and today we get a look at what went down during the first session of the summer. This edit is brought to you by the man himself Victor Callender. Check the edit featuring James Perez, Emil Marvin, and many more at the Coleman skatepark, Brooklyn Banks, and marble ledges in downtown Manhattan. Filmed and edited by Victor Callender.

Billy O’Neill Makes the Cover of ONE Magazine Issue 16

February 27, 2010

“New York City in the house! A big year for our man Fish gets even better with his first-ever cover shot… and you saw it here first. Billy’s interview was shot in NYC by long-time friend and roommate Jeremy Stephenson, and shows the diversity, difficulty and style of blading this East Coast legend has made his own. And not only did Fish bust out for the camera, but he breaks off a huge chunk of knowledge in his interview, covering topics from the crash in Barcelona, The Truth, his family life, living and blading in the City, and what it means for a company to be “skater-owned.” Hell, he even shares a story about Ryan Jacklone. In an issue packed with content we can’t even tell you all about just yet, this is one feature you don’t want to miss. Premiering at BCSD X, come by our booth to be one of the 300 bladers lucky enough to get their hands on the newest issue. See you there” – ONE Magazine.

Brooklyn Banks Jam Photos with Demetrios George and Billy O’Neill

January 31, 2010

Demetrios George – Topsoul. Photo: Cesar Macay

Billy O’Neill – Crossgrab Air. Photo: Cesar Macay

Demetrios George – BS Royale. Photo: Cesar Macay

Last week was the Save the Brooklyn Banks jam hosted by Fuse TV where bikers, boarders, and bladers came out to show their support for New York City’s history. USD Pro riders Billy O’Neill and Demetrios George came out to show their love for NYC and Cesar Macay captured a few photos from last weekend’s event. Check the pics above. All photos by Cesar Macay.

NYC Behind the Scenes: Save The Brooklyn Banks

January 26, 2010

Everyday there is something going on in New York behind the scenes. In the city that never sleeps, You can’t expect the skaters to do so either. Last Saturday at Fuel TV’s “Save the Brooklyn Banks” Jam, USD team riders Billy O’Neill and Demetrios George came out to represent the NYC scene. This is an official reminder (and tease) that if you’re not out on the streets skating our spots, you’re missing out on all the action NY has to offer. Filmed and edited by Adonis Taylor.

Two Big Events in NYC Today

January 23, 2010

Photo: Sephtakular

Start your day off today by heading to the Brooklyn Banks at 1:00PM to take part in Fuel TV’s “Save the Brooklyn Banks Jam.” There’s going to be a huge rally and session in attempt to save one of NYC’s most historical spots so make sure to be there. Then later at 9:00PM head over to Kelly Matthews’ birthday party and skate photography gallery opening at the Clemente Soto Vélez Cultural Educational Center.

The birthday party/gallery is open to all ages. You only have to be 21 years-old or older to enter the bar. The gallery will feature photos from Jeremy (Jero) Stephenson, Angelo Ferrer and Cesar Macay. All the information is on the flyer above. Take the F, J, M, and Z to Delancey/Essex street. Google maps link here. Come out and show your support for NYC!

Fuel TV’s “Save the Brooklyn Banks” Jam This Saturday

January 21, 2010

Photo: Sephtakular

As we all know by now the Brooklyn Banks is set to be closed later this month due to construction but Fuel TV is hosting a massive mixed sports session to save the infamous spot. We have all skated at the Brooklyn Banks and whether you love it or hate it you cannot deny it’s historical presence in our city. This Saturday at 1:00pm there will be a “Save the Brooklyn Banks” jam where boarders, bikers and all alike will attend to attempt the save NYC’s history. We have to be there and let our presence be known and not only let our city know how massive our rollerblading scene is but also let Fuel TV know that rollerblading is alive and well. “The homie Steve of 5 Boro hit me up lettin me know that FUEL TV will be at the banks on Saturday for a “Save The Banks Jam”, AKA all you fuckers that ride have to come and show love!! The more people that come the better chance of keep the Brooklyn Banks (my 2nd home) open! So yea side threw and Chill! Skate, scoot, bike and blade your way over to the banks this weekend…Now’s the time to save the banks!” – Prollyisnotprobably.


Brooklyn Banks Construction Update

December 23, 2009

According to the Gothamist everything to the left of the red line will be blocked.

Updates on the construction of one of New York City’s most legendary spots, the Brooklyn Banks, have been confirmed. Originally set to take place this month, it seems as if the banks will be barely skateable if at all, coming this January. “The unofficial skating area will be closed due to the DOT’s multiyear bridge rehab project…Starting on Jan 15th until 4-6 months later, both overpasses that go over the banks area will be covered and painted (pretty much entire banks area from Pearl to Rose streets will be closed and off limits). Once overpasses are painted (approx summer 2010)- the north ramp (ramp furthest away from the bridge itself) will be uncovered and the area that is not used for staging will be open. 2014 – entire banks area will be open again” – Gothamist. Read the entire article and get all the details at The Gothamist website.