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Coleman Skatepark Take Over Photos

July 9, 2012

Franco Cammayo – Zerospin Fishbrain

Saturday, the Coleman Skatepark Take Over session went down. Bladers from all over New York City and visiting bladers from Columbia spent the day at the park sessioning all the new obstacles. Thanks to everyone who came out and joined in on the session. Check out all the photos below. Until next time!

New Era Skate Team Art of Rolling Edit

July 29, 2011

Featuring Eddie Esteves, Harison Hadzovic, Brian Rivera, Justin Barbot, Chris Hall, Elias Hadzovic, John Nebula, and Daymian Ruiz. Filmed and edited by Angelo Ferrer.

New Era Skate Team Edit

December 29, 2010

Featuring Eddie Esteves, Brian Rivera, Elias Hadzovic and Harison Hadzovic. Also on the team is James Macay and Daymian Ruiz who due to lack of filming couldn’t be in the edit.