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Nick Uhas Going For Pro Episodes 4 and 5

January 13, 2011

Catch up with NYC’s newest skater Nick Uhas as he continues his music mission and heads to Queens, NY to skate the Maloof skate plaza. Filmed and edited by Brazilionaire.

Last Man Standing Edit + Photos by Cesar Macay

September 3, 2010

Check the coverage of the Last Man Standing competition from Queens, NY’s Cesar Macay. The Razors Podcast was filmed by Cesar and edited by Brazilionaire. See Cesar’s photos on the ONE Magazine website.

Do You Skate?

July 16, 2010

Do You Skate? Is a music video produced, written, and starring Nick Uhas during his visiting trip to New York City. The video features Nick skating the Pier 62 skatepark, bottle rails and down the streets of Manhattan. Check it out up top.


Nick Uhas Chicago to NYC Podcast + Behind the Scenes Footage

May 11, 2010

Check the highlight edit of Nick Uhas’ Chicago to NYC tour featuring Franco Cammayo, Billy O’Neill, Thumper Nagasko, Greg Kieffer owner of Tri-State Skate and more. “Catch the highlights of the Chicago to NYC tour with Nick Uhas and some special guests. Filmed by Thumper Nagasako, Nick Uhas, and friends. Edited by Brazilionaire” – RazorsNews. Bonus! I Roll NY received behind the scenes footage thanks to Gus Pope from the session at Tri-State Skate below.

Jug Goldberry “Are You Golden?” Commercial

January 29, 2010

Brazilionare premieres his latest work, this time featuring the new Jug Goldberry sneaker. The online commercial was shot on location in the heart of NYC with local skaters Billy O’Neill and Sam Williams. This isn’t your typical advertisement, Brazil captures the great atmosphere we have in our city making the entire video enjoyable from start to finish.

Brazilionare Phone Interview

January 11, 2010

Brian Perry over at Shut Up and Skate did a phone interview a few days back with rollerblading’s newest media mogul Brazilionare. The interview is really in-depth. The questions and answers give a great insight into the mindset of Brazil and his work process. It’s a great listen and shows everyone what Brazil is truly about. One of my favorite quotes from the interview has to be “I don’t want a bigger slice of the pie, I just want a bigger pie” which I think sets the overall tone for the interview and Brazil’s personality. Check it out above. Thanks to Brazil for shouting out I Roll NY around 17:22 in the interview.


Jay-Z’s Young Forever Music Video Reedit

December 24, 2009

Unfortunately this is not the official release for Jay-Z’s newest music video. This is a reedit created by Razors videographer Brazillionaire. The reedit consists of inserts featuring Billy O’Neill, Mike Johnson, Julian Bah, Dre Powell, Stefan Horn, Don Bambrick and other Razors team member. The skating footage is such a great addition to the song and video so I wanted to post it up for all to see…besides it features Fish skating in NYC so I have an excuse!

Razors Podcast: Last Man Standing Official Edit

September 9, 2009

Razors has provided I Roll NY with fantastic coverage of last weekend’s LMS competition at the Brooklyn Banks. This is a definite must see. The edit features Dre Powell, Alex Nunez, Mathias Silhan, David Sizemore, Chris Haffey, Brian Shima, Billy O’neil, Franco Cammayo, Montre Livingston, and more killing every spot during the competition. Thanks to Brazil and Razors for the opening credit shout out! Filmed and edited by Brazilionaire.