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Danny Villanueva P Rail Edits

July 19, 2009

Queens, NY native Danny Villanueva submits his latest two edits featuring Danny skating his homemade P rail. Danny has a huge trick vocabulary and displays it well in these two edits. Zero top acid to forward top acid both ways is just one of my favorite tech switch ups Danny does in these two great edits. Check them out above and go build yourself a rail too!

Jesus Medina Box Edit by: Andrew Chiu

July 9, 2009

OK, just watch the first trick done in this edit and press pause. I’ll wait….tell me that wasn’t the smoothest and cleanest fullcab BS savannah ever done? Jesus Media absolutely murders this edit. He’s been NYC’s hidden talent for so many years now ranking in the top positions in our local competitions and featured in various east coast videos. This edit is of Jesus skating his practice box in his new hometown of Poughkeepsie, NY. Watch as he unleashes his huge trick vocabulary on the box. Inspin topsoul 540 revert out and zero topsoul 540 out are just two of my favorite tricks done in this great edit. This is something that you’ll be watching over and over again. Filmed and edited by Andrew Chiu. Song is Kanye West – Diamonds.

Thanks to Adonis Taylor

Damian Michalski Box Edit

June 28, 2009

Damian Michalski, Skeptic Media team rider, has been killing it for about a year straight now. He’s been improving non stop and his trick vocabulary has been growing immensely which you can see in the above edit. Damian, along with myself and the other Brooklyn rollers, made the journey ( yes it’s a journey when you’re coming from the end of Brooklyn) to the Bronx to session the Skeptic box at the Haven Arts Gallery. “During the time the box was at the gallery Damian Michalski only showed up one day lol…But that one day he was able to kill it and get a few clips in. Enjoy” – Navin Hardyal. Filmed and edited by Navin Hardyal. Additional clips by Craig Benabu.

Ramelle Knight Box Edit at the Haven Arts Gallery

June 14, 2009

Check the edit Evotek Media Group’s Adonis Taylor and Christen Cofer created of Deshi’s own Ramelle Knight. Filmed during the sessions held at the Haven Arts Gallery. Ramelle murders the Skeptic Media box with a ton of tech switch ups and reverts. Filmed by Christen Cofer. Edited by Adonis Taylor. Song is Fabolous – This is my party (instrumental).

B. Unique Jam Session Tonight at Haven Arts Gallery

February 26, 2009

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For those who missed out on the Boogie Down Show Down and for those who will not be leaving to attend the Bitter Cold Show Down this weekend, B.Unique and the Haven Arts Gallery are throwing one last final jam session with a $100 prize for best trick. This will not be setup like your average competition. It’s in a jam session format which means all the competitors will session the box through the night and the winner will be announced later in the evening. Besides the jam session, B.Unique will be showing off their new never before seen products for 2009 and may also be giving a few samples out.

Photo/Flyer: Craig Benabu

Haven Arts Gallery Session This Monday Through Thursday February 26th

February 23, 2009

The Haven Arts galley, host of the Valo 3 premiere and recent host of the Boogie Down Show Down, is allowing everyone to come skate the box and other small Prails today, Monday February 23rd until Thursday February 26th from 6pm-10pm each day. There is a small fee of $5 to skate the box today (and possibly the other days.) Check out the Haven Arts website for directions. Google maps image from the train station to the gallery here. Thanks to Haven Arts for allowing everyone to have a warm place to skate for the week.

Photo: Craig Benabu

Alex Nunez and Danny Villanueva Box Edit

January 29, 2009

Check out this edit by Filip Olszewski featuring Alex Nunez and Danny Villanueva killing Danny’s box before it was destroyed. Danny provides us with some words saying, “…we [Alex Nunez and Danny Villanueva] actually started skating together that summer and I knew my box was going to be destroyed soon so I wanted to make a final edit. Nunez was down so we got two of my boys, Filip Olszewski and Dave Wohaup to film for us.” – Danny V