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ONE Blade Life: Going For Pro with Nick Uhas

December 12, 2010

“Where do we go from here? Sounds like a question you ask yourself when you break up with your girlfriend or get caught stealing from your neighborhood Wal-Mart. Well, in this case it’s not that type of question, nor is it that awkward kind of situation (no police or girls involved… okay, there was a girl involved). But it was a question that was on my mind. I’d just landed in NYC, home of many amazing legendary skaters like Franco Cammayo, Billy O’Neill and Alex Nunez. However, I did not intend on moving to NYC at all when I took a job in New Haven, CT, in June. I was plucked from the skating training grounds of Los Angeles to work as a video host for a new Webseries.

The Webseries was to center around the making of a brand-new feature length film called “College Musical The Movie.” I previously knew the producer/writer/director and actors from going to school with them at Yale University. Who you know really is so important. Working as camera man, producer, and host of a Webseries is pretty much a 2x full time job, although I did get to sneak away to the New Haven skatepark every now and again. I would also like to add I was hired for the job because of a skating Webseries Brazil and I put together in Chicago. In fact, I learned entirely about production from working on productions with Brazil. That guy stays busy” – Nick Uhas. Full Stury on the ONE Magazine website.


ONE Blade Life: Montre and Crew at Tri-State Skate

July 20, 2010

“Tri-State Skate Shop, located in Hillburn, NY, is the only rollerblader owned shop in the New York area, and this past weekend Tri-State Skate welcomed NIMH Pro Rider Montre Livivngston. Montre brought with him renowned photo/videographer Kevin Dowling, recent winner of the Olympus PEN Contest. They are currently working on filming a documentary which has potential to further expand worldwide appreciation for the rollerblading industry.”

“Along with these vital representatives came New York City natives Billy O’Neill and Franco Cammayo, showing support to Tri-State Skate and ripping it up for a few clips and flicks at Drop In Skate Park. Several other videographers and photographers were in attendance such as prestigious photographer Ryan Lowey, Jason Staine of Rolling Film Media, and NYC’s Ray Mendez. On July 16th, bladers from all over the Tri-State area came to show love for Tri-State Skate Shop and welcomed Montre, Fish, Franco, and Kevin with open arms. Thanks to shop owner Greg kieffer who made it all possible” – Sam DeAngelis.

“I want to thank Kevin Dowling and Montre for making time to come out to the shop during their short stay in NYC, and wish Kevin luck on his Olympus blading documentary. Right now he is doing amazing things toward the growth of rollerblading with FootageTape and the Olympus project, and if he wins there is no doubt that it will have a huge impact on the future of rollerblading. I also want to specially thank Billy O’Neill and Franco Cammayo for always supporting the shop by coming out to session the park downstairs. Having Billy and Franco visiting the shop/park frequently not only helps keep the shop thriving, but also helps get more kids to throw their boards in the trash and pick up blades. People like Montre, Fish, Franco, and Kevin are the type of people who will help rollerblading get to the top… Where it should be” – Greg Kieffer. See all the photos and the rest of the article on the ONE Magazine website.


One Magazine Blade Life: Pier 62 Grand Opening

May 24, 2010

Check out the Pier 62 article and photos posted on the ONE Magazine website courtesy of photographer Sam DeAngelis. “Pier 62 Skate Park is designed for some serious flow skating. With the smooth cement, variety of obstacles, and abundant transitions, you find yourself lacing the whole park in one run. Pier 62 is filled with your favorite obstacles and a variety of coping styles for all types of rollerbladers. The park also evokes a creative mind when piecing together tricks for a line. Pier 62 is city owned and funded, so the entrance is free. The park doesn’t require any padding, and has proven to be a great place to skate or just enjoy the view on the Hudson River. Best of all, it’s located on the West Side Highway, which is close to several of NYC’s most famous street spots…”

ONE Blade Life: Spring Weekend in the Tri-State

March 30, 2010

ONE Magazine has featured a new Blade Life featuring photos of the Tri-State area taken by Sam DeAngelis. Read the full story and see all the photos on the ONE Magazine site. “It’s the first weekend of spring and everyone is ready to skate. We tried to keep sessions tight, in order to avoid the possibility of getting thrown out of spots, but that was quick to change. Skaters from all over the East Coast came out to skate the Tri-State area which consists of New Jersey, New York, and Connecticut. These skaters include world-renowned Thumper Nagasako, REMZ flow and Tri-State Skate rider Tim Franken, Razors flow Joey Zitelli, Con.Artist Brand and Scribe Ind. owner Daniel Fabiano, and many more. The weekend was nothing short of amazing, and I was lucky enough to capture everything on my Nikon D60” – Sam DeAngelis.

Erik Stokely Blade Life Photo

November 30, 2009

Photo: John O’Donnel (Click to view the Blade Life interview)

ONE Magazine posted up a Blade Life interview with NJ skater Erik Stokely. The interview is a good read but what stood out to me was the photo at the Chinatown up ledge in Manhattan, NY. Photographer John O’Donnell captures Erik Stokely doing a truspin mistrial 360 out at the perfect moment. See more photos and the interview at ONE’s Blade Life page.