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July 29, 2015

Featuring Billy Gonzalez, Brian Keohane, John Dorio, Kevin Cintron, Sean Grossman, Moises Rivera, Leomarsh Pascasio, Sal Zaso, Phil Weaver, Jordan Baez, Neal Acosta, Julian Hinsch, Hector Rodriguez, Austin Croteau, Xavier Gilliam, Daniel Stewart, and Kris Craig. Filmed and edited by Antonio Lassalle.

Precious Time NYC & NJ Skating

August 25, 2014

NYC & NJ skating feat. Billy Gonzalez, Brent Scherer, John Dorio, George Davis, Nick Fatato, Wake Schepman, Chris Santiago, Dan Concepcion, and Brian Keohane. Filmed and edited by Julian Hinsch.

Walking Through That Door Montage

October 2, 2013

“This montage was long overdue. A well preserved montage strictly for showcasing some of the many bladers out here in New York that deserve some limelight for being passionate for what they do and coming out to blade every single day” – Antonio lassalle. Featuring Andre Cerezo, Dionel Jaime, Chad Perry, Melo , Neal Acosta, Alan lopez, John Nebula, Pablo Reyes, Billy Gonzalez, Chris “Rush” Hall, Jeremy Oyola, and Chris Diaz. Filmed and Edited by: Antonio lassalle.

NYC Weekly Deals

February 29, 2012

While wrapping up filming with Jesus Medina for an upcoming Pier 25 edit, Billy Gonzalez, Jash Ruiz, Ruben Perez, and more bladers joined in on the session as we made our way out the park. We went to the “Monkey Ledges” before getting kicked out and went to a nearby rail that Jash led us to. Check out the clips I managed to get from one of the many weekly sessions that go down in New York City. Featuring in order of appearance: Jesus Medina, Billy Gonzalez, Jash Ruiz and Ruben Perez. Youtube link after the jump. Filmed and edited by Robert Paulson.

2012 Winter Edit

February 10, 2012

Featuring Billy Gonzalez, Jash Ruiz, John Estrella, Chris Delfino, Dillin Eric, Jordan Baez, Austin Croteua, Ricky Ramos, Jeff Scott, Ari, Nelson. Just some random footy i caught during some blade sessions hope you like.

City Slickaz Edit

January 28, 2012

Featuring Jordan Baez, Jaybee, Gary Grissom, and Billy Gonzalez.

Pardon My Homies Montage

December 31, 2011

Some clips i filmed of some of my close friends. Located mainly in manhattan Ny, Bladers featured are Jake Rod, Mal Ashby, Travis Diaz, Billy Gonzalez, Gary Grissom, Jordan Baez, Cody “Jedi”. Hope you enjoy. Filmed by June Kim, Jordan Baez, “Jedi”, and Shawn Reynolds.

New York Fall Edit

October 4, 2010

Check out the first edit of the Fall season in NYC featuring Jeremy Colon, Ludovic Bruggeman, Billy Gonzalez, John Estrella, Jash Ruiz, Alex Ryerson, Val Vera, and James Macay. Filmed and edited by Jordan Baez.

Friday the 13th Lower East Side Session

August 23, 2010

This August, the 13th fell on a Friday. Not letting any urban legends or superstitions scare us away a few local bladers went out to skate the city. We traveled from the Lower East Side all the way to 42nd street where the night got crazy to say the least. Here is the footage from the Lower East Side featuring Chris Santiago, Jose Henriquez, Malik Ashby, and Billy Gonzalez.