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Balance Online Magazine #6

September 27, 2010

Balance, Be-Mag’s online magazine, released their one year anniversary issue featuring a scene report on the Rochester, NY scene. “One year anniversary, 86 page issue featuring: Louie Zamora, Michael Braud, ROC City, Infernal Clothing, Blake Taylor and much, much more!” – Be-Mag. Check out the full issue here.

Balance Webzine Interview With Matt Andrews

June 18, 2009

Click to view Balance online magazine

Be-Mag released their new webzine, Balance, focusing on skaters managing their sports lifestyle with their normal everyday life. The magazine features an insightful article on Chris Haffey and an interview with a legend who’s been living in New York City for the past few years, Matt Andrews. Matt gives an inside look in his involvement with his past professional rollerblading life and his current media lifestyle and how he manages both. If you like graphics, specifically motion graphics, this is a good read. Download the PDF here. For those that may not know Matt, check the old school edit below.