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Checkmate Offcuts

July 30, 2012

Featuring Julian Bah, Colin Kelso, Austin Paz, Billy O’Neill, Franco Cammayo, and Sean Kelso.

B.Unique Underground Skatepark 2005

December 1, 2011

“The soundtrack to this video has been taken off YouTube for a few years now and its about time I uploaded the original video again. This is footage from the grand opening of the B.Unique skatepark “Underground” in brooklyn, ny plus footage from a few late night after sessions” – Austin Paz.

Brian Aragon at Underground Skatepark

August 29, 2011

Thought this would make for an interesting post. Five years ago to this very date this edit was released of one of the many past Summer sessions that were held at the former, now closed, B. Unique Underground skatepark. I hope this bring backs memories to the bladers of NYC who were around at this time and shows the newer generation some of NYC’s history. For those wondering this indoor park was located in Brooklyn, NY and is now unfortunately closed. There were talks of a new indoor park being created at the time but nothing was publicly confirmed.

Freestyle Rolling Full Video

May 2, 2010

“Freestyle Rolling is B Unique’s second installment to the mixtape series. With the strongest team and film production in the industry, B-Unique has put together not only the best film you will see this year, but for many years to come. Freestyle Rolling is the beginning of a new revolution. Starring Billy O’Neill, Alex Nunez, Jeph Howard, Eric Perkett, Ramelle Knight, Gonzo Jaquez, The Kelso brothers, Franco Cammayo and Julian Bah. Also features friends and flow such as Lord Brian and co” – Matej Šrám.

Four B Unique Shirts You’ve Never Seen

November 19, 2009

LB posted up some photos of a few rare and unseen products he has received over time through his position at B Unique. See the photos and the info on each product at Shut Up and Skate. “Due to my position over the years in B.Unique&Co. I have come across alot of clothing. Trust me, I have just about every shirt that was ever made including some sample tees that never seen the light of day. Here are 4 pieces of rare clothing that I have in my vault…Enjoy” – Brian Perry.


Colin Kelso Checkmate Profile Remix. Unseen Footage!

October 29, 2009

Colin Kelso posted via the Be-Mag messageboard this remix edit including unseen footage of his part in NYC’s B. Unique video Checkmate. Check out some of throwback footage along with the never before seen clips. “Check it out, No Hammers what so ever. None. Totally rinky dink shit right here…and also stay tuned to check out my new rinky dink fairy crap in truth2 coming out this Dec…..You can see me putting the USD carbons to use then and maybe I’ll attempt a 900 to shin grab backflip who knows….keep it aggro you dirty rotten posers!” – Colin Kelso.

New B Unique Website and Unseen Products

September 29, 2009


A lot of people have been questioning the current status of B Unique, and with it’s known site (the one previously linked to on I Roll NY) being shut down it seemed as if the company vanished over night. I contacted Brian Perry, aka Lord Brian, to get a status update but nothing was confirmed or denied. Doing a little research of my own I found that B Unique currently has a new site up and running. The new site, showcases the latest B Unique line, unseen products, contact info, and a mission statement. “b.unique and company is a lifestyle brand that takes pride in designing as globally conscious and free spirtied as the individual today…our mission is to immerse ourselves with the air of cultural independence by surrounding ourselves with forward thinking individuals who reflect this same progression like I Roll NY” – B Unique.

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B Unique Available at Yellow Rat Bastard

August 7, 2009

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One of NYC’s biggest clothing brands has made it’s way into one of NYC’s biggest clothing shops, Yellow Rat Bastard. YRB is carrying B Unique’s previous summer/fall line and is available in store and online. Check the Yellow Rat Bastard product page to see more pics of the B Unique clothing they carry.

Ramelle Knight Quick Edit Second Version

August 6, 2009

Ramelle Knight hits I Roll NY with fire this time around doing some of this sickest tricks, switch ups, and transfers on this rail set in New Rochelle, NY. For those that may have doubted Mel’s swagger in the past he’s definitely coming with footage and tricks that will change your mind. Check the sick edit up top. It’s definitely something you’ll watch over and over again “Skated with Andy, Ricky, Jose, Ralphy Herrera, Greg Sturino & John Stephens For a Little while and got some clips. Holla!” Ramelle Knight.

B Unique Summer/Fall ’09 Line Announced

July 25, 2009

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Brooklyn, NY based clothing company, B Unique and co. run by Chris and Courtney Brown, just released their new Fall 2009 line via the Roller Warehouse Summer/Fall 09 catalog. The line features designs for everyday wear and two new versions of the IQ design and character. More pics will be up when they surface online.