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November 23, 2015

Terrence Henry put together this small edit during Saturday’s session where we skated in honor of Alex Nunez. Check out the clips of Adonis Taylor, Arismendy Canela, James Perez, Brian Keohane, Terrence Henry, and Leomarsh Pascasio as the session was coming to an end.

“A short edit to celebrate the life of Alex Nunez! R.I.P. Thank you I Roll NY for letting me borrow your camera lens, much appreciated! Thank you NYSS founder Adonis Taylor for holding down NYC & supporting the awareness of the #SkateForAlex movement! Thank you to everyone who came out to skate this weekend for Alex’s Birthday and supported #SkateForAlex World Wide” – Terrence Henry.


May 27, 2015

Featuring Osbel Velez, Jordan Baez, John Dorio, Chris Santiago, Kevin Cintron, Arismendy Canela, Hector Rodriguez, Pablo Munoz, Robbie Pitts, James Perez, Christian Brito, Sean Grossman, Neal Acosta, and Troy Hanner. Filmed and edited by Antonio Lassalle.

Cozmik Memorial Session 2014

September 16, 2014

Brian Keohane – TTS. First Place at Cozmik’s Memorial Session.

On September 12, 2014 New York City bladers arrived at Pier 25 skate plaza to celebrate Brian “Cozmik” Scott’s birthday. Local blader Jordan Baez organized the day’s session and contest in Brian’s honor. We spent the early afternoon skating the plaza and kicking off the contest, then made our way to street spots, ending the session / competition at the L.E.S. skatepark where Brian Keohane came out victorious. Followed by Eddie Chung taking 2nd place and Terrence Henrey taking 3rd. Photos from the session can be seen below featuring the top 3 winners of the competition as well as James Perez, Sebastian Michalski, Arismendy Canela, Chris DeJesus, and Jordan Baez. A big thanks to Roller Warehouse for sponsoring the session.

Dusting Tapes Off Montage

April 13, 2012

“Just emptying out tapes of footage here is some from one tape more coming soon” – Jordan Baez. Featuring Arismendy Canela, Chris Santiago, Mikey Roman, Sean Grossman, Jeff Scott, and more. Filmed and edited by Jordan Baez.

LES Box Session: “A Epic Moment Goes Down”

October 14, 2011

Featuring Nigel Hosang, Arismendy Canela, Chris Santiago, Jash Ruiz, and more. Filmed and edited by Michelangelo Gonzalez.

Lets Roll NY Session 6 Footage

May 29, 2010

Last week’s Lets Roll New York session took place on 5/22/10 at the new Pier 62/Hudson River skatepark. The park was filled with a ton of skaters making it impossible to catch everything that went down but here are a couple of the big tricks that went down last Saturday. The edit includes Angelo Ferrer, Arismendy Canela, Dave Lang, Guillaume Latrompette, James Perez, Jordan Baez, Ludovic Bruggeman, and Maxime Kind.

LRNY Session 4 Footage

April 25, 2010

Check out some footage of yesterday’s huge turn out for Lets Roll NY session four. The edit includes Billy O’Niell, Justin Brasco, Arismendy Canela, Sal Zaso, Hector Rodriguez and many more. Filmed and edited by Joshua Martinez.

Bushwick, Brooklyn Ledge Session Photos

October 20, 2009

Some of the founders of the new ledge in Brooklyn, NY

Earlier this month Angelo Ferrer held a session in Brooklyn, NY to break in a newly discovered ledge that some of the local Bushwick skaters found. The ledge is at Knickerbocker Ave off the M train and is at a local school yard, making the best time to go and session when the school kids are out after 4:00PM. The ledge, or rather ledges, are smooth concrete with not one crack in them and the floor is made up of newly smooth pavement making your run ups and landings just as fun as skating the ledges. During the session we had a contest to see who could clear the long ledge, a game of SKATE, and few other contests where the exclusive Art of Rolling tees were up for grabs. Check the photos after the jump to see some of the action. (more…)

Arismendy Canela Photo Session by: Peter Gigleo

July 5, 2009

Arismendy Canela – Sweatstance. Photo: Peter Gigleo (click to enlarge)

Photographer Peter Gigleo submits his photos from the Forest Park skate park in Queens, NY. Peter photographed Arismendy Canela and Joshua H. and caught some great pictures of the park session. To see more of Peter’s work check out his Myspace page here. Forest Park skate park information here. More of Peter’s pictures after the jump.