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Street Sessions Manhattan

April 11, 2015

Featuring Austin Paz, Sean Money, Justin Brasco, and Hector Gonzalez. “This high-speed footage was meant to be part of a bigger project. However, after sitting on the footage for over half a year, I came to the conclusion that if I didn’t use them, they would just get lost in my graveyard of hard drives eventually. So last night I decided to do my best to cut together an edit with some of the footage I shot that day. Special thanks to the crew for helping me carry heavy ass gear around all day while skating hard as hell” – Anthony Chen. Filmed and edited by Anthony Chen.

Street Sessions Brooklyn

February 25, 2014

“A summer street session with Franco Cammayo, James Perez, and Justin Brasco. After a brief warm-up, we headed to this up-ledge / bank / bank-to-ledge spot under the Brooklyn Bridge. The guys were able to lace some sick tricks before we got rained out” – Anthony Chen.

Skeptic Media Autopsy Full Video

February 11, 2013

Skeptic Media Full DVD Autopsy 2007 featuring team riders Carlos Pimentel, Yannes Sootes, Sebastian Michalski, Rafael Herrera, Lonnie Pearson, Joaquin Fletcher, Anthony Chen, Max Rensen, and many more. Filmed and edited by Navin Hardyal.

ODNY X I Roll NY Contest Winner + Bonus Entry

April 6, 2011

Thank you to everyone who entered the ODNY X I Roll NY online edit contest. Unfortunately there could only be one winner. On behalf of David Toro and ODNY we really appreciate all the people who took the time out film, skate, and edit for our contest. Although there were plenty of entries, certain rules of the contest were broken in submissions leaving us with a hard decision. With that being said, the winner of ODNY X I Roll NY online edit contest is Anthony Chen. This was a very difficult choice as all the entries were great. We would also like to show our appreciation to local skater Joey Lunger who unfortunately broke his ankle while filming for his entry. We hope you heal up fast and will be sending you shirts for your efforts. David Toro puts our decision best saying, “The winner is Anthony Chen with his edit from Shanghai, China which was produced by Paul Imperio. The edit was put together quite impressively and amongst most things, we felt super honored that someone would choose to represent our city a long way from home. That being said, we’re sending you your three shirts ASAP Chen. On another note though, we do feel awful about Joey Lunger breaking his ankle for the contest so we’re sending him a few shirts as well for putting the time and effort into producing something worth watching. Hope you recover soon dude. To everyone else who participated and supported, thanks a million! Thank you for also doing your best to follow the rules! We truly appreciate it and hopefully we can get more companies to collaborate with I Roll NY and help get the NY scene motivated to build. Be on the lookout for the next contest featuring our new line of shirts. Boom!” – David Toro.

Stay tuned for the next I Roll NY contest which is already in the works. In the meantime check out the bonus entry from Floridon Gjongecaj who unfortunately sent this in two days after the contest was over. Again, thank you to everyone who created an entry.

Anthony Chen ODNY X I Roll NY Contest Entry

March 31, 2011

“So Here’s me and Anthony Chen’s submission for the ODNY edit contest. Coming all the way from Shanghai, China. Things got pretty busy with work so I didn’t have enough time to do everything I wanted in terms of typography and animation, so it’s still pretty rough, but I wanted to submit something into the contest and rules are rules. I’m gonna keep working on it and reupload a more polished version of this in a week or 2. Hope you all like it” – Paul Imperio.

A Thru Z Full Video Online

September 28, 2010

A Thru Z, Jason Staine’s first video, has been uploaded in it’s entirety online. A Thru Z features NYC, Philly, and Boston footage with profiles on Anthony Chen, Tim Franken, and Joey Zitelli. “My first full length skate video. filmed from 2005 til 2008. Released in summer 2008” – Jason Staine.

I Roll NY Clip of the Week #25

June 2, 2010

This week’s C.O.W. features Anthony Chen and is brought to you by Jason Staine of Rolling Film Media. Anthony is a Boston native who came down to NYC over the Memorial Day weekend. Check out some of the tricks that Anthony laced at Battery Park in downtown Manhattan, NY. Support Rolling Film Media and get your copy of Signature today!

Brooklyn Banks Year in Review ’07-’09 Edit by Skeptic Media

November 25, 2009

Navin Hardyal of Skeptic Media releases this online edit, initially intended for his video NoWhere Close, of captured Brooklyn Banks footage over the past three years. Most of the footage is of Evotek Media’s Why So Serious Competition with a bunch of great angles and coverage of tricks done during the comp. Skaters include Rafael Herrera, Evan Grimball, Alex Nunez, James Perez, Jesus Medina, Trevor Johnson, Sean Agoliati, Will Sorto, Tim Frankin, John Bolino, Anthony Chen, and Brian Shima. “Ive been sitting on this edit for about two months now. I was going to save it and use it for my video but i decided its been a while since i’ve put anything out and its been dying to be seen for way too long” – Navin Hardyal.

Anthony Chen Photo Session By: Drew Humphrey

June 28, 2009

Anthony Chen – BS Backslide. Photo: Drew Humphrey

Boston, MA native and frequent New York City visitor, Anthony Chen, came down to our city earlier in the month where he sessioned the midtown Manhattan area with photographer Drew Humphrey. Hitting the now infamous Glory/UPS/Perfect ledges (this spot has too many names) along with the spot known as Bottle Rails, Drew caught some of Chen’s arsenal of perfectly steezed out tricks. Check the rest of the photos after the jump. All photos by Drew Humphrey

From A thru Z. Video by Jason Staine

January 13, 2009

Yesterday I stumbled upon a video under the name of, A thru Z, which features many New York spots along with some of New York’s finest rollers. I contacted the video’s creator, Jason Staine, and he was nice enough to pass along some of the featured profiles of his video along with some information on it.