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Pablo Munoz Summer 2013 Edit

September 20, 2013

Filmed by Chauncey Jenkins, Angel Ramirez, and Mike Oliver. Edited by Mike oliver.

Jlyn Ortiz Track Ledge Edit

March 7, 2013

“This is Episode 2 for Angel Ramirez’s new series which is entitled “Destroying The Streets”. This episode features none other than myself, JLyn Ortiz at the infamous Track Ledges in The Bronx. I hope you enjoy this edit. If you would like to be featured in your own “Destroying The Streets” episode, contact Angel Ramirez on Facebook” – Jlyn Ortiz.

I Roll NY Graffiti Artwork + Desktop Wallpaper

September 29, 2011

Original artwork created by New York City rollerbladers. From bottom left to right: Steven Rojas, Angel Ramirez, and Thomas McFielld.

I Roll NY has received three great design submissions from three very talented New York City rollerbladers. Each designed played off a graffiti theme and to highlight each one’s style a desktop wallpaper was created for everyone to represent their favorite skate scene. Click on the image above to download the 1024×819 version for use as a desktop wallpaper. A big thank you goes to Steven Rojas, Angel Ramirez, and Thomas McField. You can see each bladers original artwork below.