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Andy Pieri & Allen Thorogood Miniview

February 3, 2012

“Miniview of my self and andy, edited by me. rochester 2011. Filmed By Connor Kenrick, Eric Kearney, Ryan Schindler and Me” – Allen Thorogood.

Goodbye Summer Rochester Edit

November 8, 2011

“This could possibly be the last “nice” street sesh rochester ny will see untill next year. This was all filmed on Oct 23. 2011. Filming & cut by Kyle b. Featuring skating from Connor Kenrick, Andy Pieri, Bryan Weise & Grant” – Kyle Bartlett.

R.O.C. Spring 2010 Edit

June 3, 2010

Check the latest from Rochester, NY featuring skating from Allen Thorgood, Connor Kenrick, Andy Pieri, Dan Lewandowski, and Matt Miller. Filmed earlier this year during the Spring.

The Feature Coast to Coast Edit

February 14, 2010

“It’s been a year and half since Ryan Schindler and I first picked up our DVX100’s, but the industries moving fast and it’s already time to upgrade. Almost all of the footage in this edit WAS intended for our Feature Length, Coast to Coast skate video but we have decided to release it in promotion for our 100% HD Film instead. This edit is titled “The Feature” because it consists of footage from the Pro’s to the Youngin’s, and is heavily packed with various skaters from all over. We felt there was no use in letting it sit any longer, so without further ado sit back and enjoy the “The Feature.” Featuring: Quinn Feldman, Eric Hallimen, Josh Sandle, Ryan Schindler, Andy Pieri, Bry Weise, GregGreg Folino, Nate Born, Connor Kenrick, Matt Shannon, Aj Pow, Mike Robinson, Snatch, Kelley Lennon, Justin Guererro, Bill Hedrick, Matt Fracasso, KrisTroyer, Demetrious George, Jeremy Cloe, Tony Rivituso and Nick Lomax” – Kelley Lennon.

Rochester, NY Edit By: Allen Thorogood

November 1, 2009

Check the edit coming from Rochester, NY from a young crew that’s ripping the scene. The crew consists of Eric Kearney, Allen Thorogood, Connor Kenrick, Dan Lewandowski, Ryan Egeling, Matt Miller and Andy Pieri who all range from ages 14-16 years-old. Footage from East Rochester, City of Rochester, and Pittsford, NY. Filmed and edited by Allen Thorogood