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September 14, 2017

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Ghetto Community wraps up the first half of 2017 with this montage featuring footage from the streets of NYC, Oil City skatepark, and the second annual Boschi Pope Skate Off. “This is a video compilation of Instagram videos I filmed, just recycling these clips to let other people who don’t have Instagram of what went down in NYC in 2017!! Featuring Jordan Baez, Billy O’Niell, Boschi Pope, Ryan Many, Pablo Munoz, Christian Brito, Andy “Crack” Feliciano, Chris Dejesus, Jesus Medina, Malik Ashby, Adonis Taylor, Kris Craig, Jon Cooley, Montre Livingston, Jeph Mateo, Augusto Castillio, Sean Grossman, Tadd Labozzetta, Brian Tokin, Ariel Surun, Evan Grimball, and Brian Freeman” – Ghetto Community.

Fall Edit 2011

December 10, 2011

“A bunch of random clips I filmed throughout the spring with clips from Harold Vivas, Sean Agoliati, Crazy Pat, Jim Koenig, Andy Feliciano and Dom Blanchard” – Chris Kolodziej.

Last Man Standing NYC 2010 AM Edit

August 22, 2010

“August 21st 2010 was a day in which I was damned to be in traffic. For a whole hour I was stuck in traffic on the GWB trying to get to the LMS to get this Official edit out. Now when I get there it is already half way through the Grom rounds and I begin to film the am’s and some that aren’t competing in the Am addition but in the Pro addition next week. People threw down before the Am event started, but when it did start, throwing down wasn’t even a question. People were lacing flawlessly from Sean Grossman to Tim Franken to Carlos Montenegro. Mid 2nd round a child runs in front of the rail and Rah (Host of the event) stands as a brick wall in order to save the child from being injured, at the same time Modesto jumps off the rail and smacks the brick wall with his back. (more…)

The Beginning of Something Special

July 30, 2010

“So every great thing has a beginning,middle and end, its not time to end nor are we hitting a mid life. This is the beginning of great things to come and although the footage is not up to par, I only made this edit because the format of the clips could not be used in the video “Fitted”. The edit is complied with clips from Tim Franken, Sean Grossman,Pat Irwin,Edgar Rivera,Ryan Smith,Andy Feliciano and Anthony Soto. I hope you guys enjoy the edit that is accompanied by a very inspirational/feel good instrumental” – Joe Perez.

Imagyne Edit by: Joseph Perez

July 18, 2009

This edit features a ton of skaters and a ton of spots all over NYC and outside the New York area. The “Dirty Lens” edit is the last online edit that will be featured from Imagyne before the release of their trailer for their video, Extra Credit. Skaters include Sean Grossman, Lonnie Pearson, Jeremy Lopez, Craig Nogler, Andy Feliciano, Jose Henriquez, Tim Franken, Hector Rodriguez, Danny Dagz, Dylan Hopp, Rafael Herrera, Taylor Greene, Terrance Huggins, Denys Hollis, Taylor Greene, Will Torres, Steve Muszynski, and Pat Irwin. Unfortunately this edit also includes a bad fall from Sean Grossman. I hope you’re doing well Sean and heal fast. Filmed and edited by Joseph Perez.