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Three in One Dan Bradham Edit

July 29, 2010

Check the edit of Dan Brandham from Long Island, NY skating a few NYC spots in Harlem and the curved ledges in Wantagh Park, Long Island. Filmed by Alex Lopez. Edited by Dan Bradham.“All of this footage was shot over a few days back in May. A couple spots in Harlem and the best curved ledges ever in Wantagh park” – Dan Bradham.

Ruben Perez Edit

April 22, 2010

Alex Lopez sends a dope teaser edit of local NYC skater Ruben Perez shredding in his neighborhood. There’s a lot of creative tricks and good use of angles along with a sweet motion graphic and a confrontation with police all in this less than a minute edit. “Ruben and I went out skating around the block testing out the new Cam. Got kicked out of one of the spots n we called it a day” – Alex Lopez. Filmed and edited by Alex Lopez.