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Anthony Chen Photo Session By: Drew Humphrey

June 28, 2009

Anthony Chen – BS Backslide. Photo: Drew Humphrey

Boston, MA native and frequent New York City visitor, Anthony Chen, came down to our city earlier in the month where he sessioned the midtown Manhattan area with photographer Drew Humphrey. Hitting the now infamous Glory/UPS/Perfect ledges (this spot has too many names) along with the spot known as Bottle Rails, Drew caught some of Chen’s arsenal of perfectly steezed out tricks. Check the rest of the photos after the jump. All photos by Drew Humphrey


Spot Check: 44th Street and 12th avenue in Manhattan

January 4, 2009

Whether you’re from New York or just visting, you know that Time Square is the number one place to visit when you’re here. Tucked away behind the glits and glamour of 42nd street though, you can find an almost perfect skate spot where the ledges are as beautiful as the scenary they surround. We here at I Roll NY introduce a new concept titled, Spot Check(ing), where we show the NY community along with outsiders and future visitors our local skate spots for your online conveinence. The purpose of these postings will be to show rollers in general New York area skate spots, along with pictures, and the best times to go and visit the featured spot. We hope these postings will help you with your traveling and encourage you to visit the NY area.

The trains that will leave you closest to our featured spot, 44th street and 12th avenue, are the A,C,E train. They will leave you at 42nd street and 8th ave. You may also take the N,Q,R,W,1,2,3 trains but they will leave you in the heart of the time square area filled with the typical tourist.

Ignore the lights and the people that will surely be in your way and turn around and walk up the avenues. We highly suggest walking to this spot due to the many people and cars that are in the area. As well, their are typically security guards that are near the skate spot so you’ll get kicked out before you even get to look at the spot.