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Art of Rolling Vol. 2 Issue 1 Now on Sale + Review

December 7, 2010

Art of Rolling has released their newest issue which is their first official printed copy of the magazine. AOR will be having a release party for their newest issue this Sunday, December 12th. More info and details on the party soon. In the meantime you can pick up your copy of Volume 2 Issue 1 at the Art of Rolling store. Check out the review of their latest issue below.

Art of Rolling Magazine KickStarter Project

November 14, 2010

Help support the Art of Rolling fund their next issue. Check out the AOR KickStarter project here. The more you give, the more you get in return. “All over the world people want to know what goes on in the NYC skating culture; but to date NYC has 100s of talented skaters who have no mediums to present their talent to a global audience. New York City is known for many things and is the center of the world at times; however, there is an extremely interesting urban culture that thrives here which nobody has paid attention to for years. With extreme sports hitting the map for the past couple of years, it has been a major source for entertainment, products and especially positive influences on the youth. The Art of Rolling Magazine’s purpose is to provide an outlet where these skaters can showcase their talent to others across the globe who share their same passion and interests in extreme sports.

We are the only magazine on the east coast of USA to take on the challenge of documenting such a rich and positive subculture. We strive to present the amazing life stories of these talented New Yorkers from their perspective about their sport to their life struggles and how rollerblading is integrated in their lifestyles. We also provide positive recreational exposure for the youth and educate them about a sport that is both healthy yet challenging.

Up until now we have released online versions of our magazine. Which has had over a hundred thousand of viewers since its debut in late 2008. Each issue has been filled with over 120+ pages full of content. We are serious about the documentation of our sport and urge you to enjoy our online issues for FREE so you can see for yourself the amazing talent, true athleticism, and history we have engraved in our sport. You can find them in the issue section on our website” – Angelo Ferrer.

The Art of Storytelling Jon Julio Article Now Online

November 7, 2010

The New York City based graffiti / action sports / street culture magazine, The Art of Storytelling, featured rollerblading legend Jon Julio in their premiere issue and the article is now online. Issue 2 will feature an interview with legend Arlo Eisenberg so stay tuned. In the meantime check out the TAOST Jon Julio article here.

“…During this time period, I was also working with a bunch of music artists like Sage Francis, Sole from Anticon, and Masta Killa from the Wu-Tang. I was making a DVD surrounding all those artists and rollerblading. I was organizing concerts/shows with these artists for skating related events. On the flip side of it all, the popularity of blading was at an all time low. Blading was dropped from the X Games and TV exposure was none existent. I was only getting older and I was at a point where I needed to pick a direction to go” – Jon Julio.

ONE Magazine Issue #16 Now Online

October 19, 2010

Click to view the issue

“We just posted ONE Issue #16 on (and anchored the PDF for download). That means there’s no excuse for not checking out the epic interview with Billy O’Neill, or the 15 Minutes with B Hardin, or the Hoedown and 2009 WRS Finals coverage” – ONE Magazine See the full issue here.

Balance Online Magazine #6

September 27, 2010

Balance, Be-Mag’s online magazine, released their one year anniversary issue featuring a scene report on the Rochester, NY scene. “One year anniversary, 86 page issue featuring: Louie Zamora, Michael Braud, ROC City, Infernal Clothing, Blake Taylor and much, much more!” – Be-Mag. Check out the full issue here.

Help The Art of Rolling Get Issue 8 Printed

September 16, 2010

“Art of Rolling is a skater owned magazine that strives to expose all aspects of a sport we all love so dearly. We are reaching out to everyone out there in hopes that they would contribute and aid us in our mission and support the rollerblading community here in New York City. With a donation of your choosing, we will be one step closer to printing Art of Rolling Magazine in large quantities and distributing copies all over the world. Also, upon donation your name will be put in our FREE AOR FINGER SKATE RAFFLE where the winner receives a rolling wheel model of our latest finger skate! We appreciate your support! Thank you” – The Art of Rolling Magazine team. Make your donations through paypal here.

Sam DeAngelis ONE Photo Journal #3

May 11, 2010

“This past week I had a great opportunity to shoot some pictures with Franco Cammayo. I met the Valo rider as he got off work in Brooklyn, New York. Franco works at Thursday’s Child, which is an Early Intervention program serving the needs of children diagnosed with PDD/Autism. We headed right up to Williamsburg, located between Brooklyn and Manhattan, in search for new spots. We came across this beer distributor with an up rail, which lead to a series of iceboxes, and it seemed to catch Franco’s attention. I didn’t think it was possible, but after only a couple tries, Franco laced this Front Farf up to Back Backslide across the first icebox and landed fakie. For this shot I used two strobes, one on either side of me, to illuminate the entire scene. Be sure to look of for some new clips of Franco in the upcoming Valo video titled “We Are Valo 4.” Not only is Franco Cammayo a stand up guy and a vital industry representative, but he also continues to push rollerblading to the next level with his unique trick styling” – Sam DeAngelis.


Josh Diaz ONE Photo Journal #5

April 22, 2010

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Josh Diaz of Psyko Clothing publishes his fifth photo journal on ONE Magazine’s website featuring Dave Ngo at the Redhook ledge in Brooklyn, NY. “Well, it was our first day of spring here in New York, and after fabulous weather during the week, me, Jose Disla, Jon Ortiz, Dave, and a few other New York rollers came out to roll at the Red Hook ledge, which by far is one of the best ledges Brooklyn has to offer. After the guys had been tearing it up for about an hour, I decided to take off my blades and set up my gear. It’d been a few months since I’d shot any photos, and for this I was using the oldest of the old — a Nikon d1 that my wife got for me. Just know that this thing was old… about 10 years old. It was the most difficult thing to get used to. But I made it work out. This is the shot that I love the most from the spot, and I hope you all enjoy it. I should be getting my camera back from the shop soon, so thank god, and my wife. I will be out in Santee in the middle of May, so I’ll see you guys on the West Coast soon” – Josh Diaz.


Sam DeAngelis ONE Photo Journal

April 16, 2010

Sam DeAngelis gets his first Photo Journal on ONE Magazine’s website featuring a photo of Bronx, NY’s Lonnie Pearson while filming for “Fitted” iMagyne That’s newest production.

“I spent this past weekend with videographer Joseph Perez, the Imagyne Media Crew, and Daniel Fabiano from Con.Artist / Scribe Ind. We went on a skate spot search throughout most of Northern New Jersey, and captured some great footage. This perfect spot was found while cruising around my hometown. We checked it out, realized the potential, and decided to come back later that day when the Post Office was closed. As the sun was going down I captured this shot of skater Lonnie Pearson, Imagyne Team rider, and native of the Bronx, New York. Lonnie laced this Front Savannah right above my head, and finished with a huge 450 spin over the pole. I set one flash on a stand to the far right, and another at my feet facing the sky” – Sam DeAngelis.


Art of Rolling Issue 7 Released

April 7, 2010

Click to view the latest AOR issue

Just a few days ago we got a sneak peak of the latest cover of the Art of Rolling issue 7. Last night the full issue was released online. Issue 7 features articles on Cesar Mora, James Macay, Dave Lang, Chauncey Jenkins, a quick view on the new Flushing Meadows skatepark in Queens, a look into “It’s All Good”, an interview with graffiti crew Smart Crew, and photos of NYC’s most talented skaters. See the latest issue of AOR here.

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Make sure to check out I Roll NY’s newest ad in issue seven featuring local skater James Perez skating the McCarren Park Pool rails in Brooklyn, NY. Thanks to photographer Drew Humphrey.