Pablo Munoz 2015 Section

“Hello there everyone. I’m Pablo Munoz and i’m 19 years young from NYC, I started filming for this during the winter and throughout most of early spring and it has been the best time. I know I promised May 1st but I was able to exceed expectations so heres an early release. I hope you guys can enjoy viewing it as much as I enjoyed putting it together and help share this. HUGE Thanks to my camera operating buddies, Two really close friends, Angel Ramirez and Abel Castro along with the others who helped me film a clip or two like Osbel Velez, The homie Ray from cali, Tim Franken, Chris Calkins, Steve Nichols, Sam De Angeles, Keith Hubbard, Christian Brito, and My homie Tripod.
Another Thanks to Angel Ramirez for sitting with me through the editing process and helping me with a few things that I didn’t know how to do. Also a huge thanks to my sponsors: Lux Armor, Beyond The Ledge, Blader Nation, and Oakcity inline skateshop. you guys always help get me out to competitions, keep me with fresh gear on my back, bless me with so much and trust me I truly am grateful for everything. Well, Stay tuned till the next project!” – Pablo Munoz.


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